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GE Logiq P3 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

• Economy shared service & OBGYN ultrasound machine
• GE Logiq P3 replaces the older Logiq 3.

Condition: New, Refurbished

Brand: GE Healthcare

Type: Cart Based

Application: Shared Service, Cardiovascular

Manufacture Description:

GE LOGIQ P3 - Staying ahead of the curve

Ultrasound Expertise. Enhanced.

GE is a trusted partner of many healthcare providers around the world. GE’s TruScan™ technology, incorporating SmartScan, TruAccess and ComfortScan, provides exceptional ultrasound performance.

GE’s exclusive TruScan architecture makes the virtual rescan possible. With access to raw image data, you are able to perform virtual rescans, after the patient has left the exam room. TruScan allows raw image data to be stored early in the image chain for optimum flexibility during processing and analysis. The overall result is reduced probe time, fewer rescans, minimized interruptions, and improved workflow and throughput.

And the LOGIQ® P3 displays the innovative qualities that have made GE a global leader in ultrasound systems. Complemented by an all-new design that combines aesthetics, ergonomics and excellent functionality.

Enhanced value, in more ways than one

When you choose the LOGIQ P3, you get much more than just an advanced ultrasound system. You get increased diagnostic confi dence with GE technology, along with dependable service support from a world leader in healthcare. Additionally, the LOGIQ P3 also has the advantage of quick and easy upgradeability. This ensures your investment stays protected, keeping you on the leading edge of ultrasound technology.

GE’s service support allows you to get the most from your LOGIQ P3 investment. This translates into support and service where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

Diagnostic confidence

The LOGIQ P3 incorporates technologies that deliver deeper penetration, higher resolution and greater color sensitivity for advanced imaging. This results in a more confident diagnosis across a range of clinical applications

  • CrossXBeam™ imaging for enhanced tissue and border differentiation
  • Phase Inversion Harmonics for higher spatial resolution & deeper penetration
    Auto optimization for B mode, Color and spectral Doppler
  • One touch image optimization, improves contrast resolution, color sensitivity or spectral Doppler depending on the active mode
  • Auto TGC provides image uniformity with a touch of a button

Advanced imaging

As with the LOGIQ P3, GE continues its commitment to migrating advanced ultrasound technology across its family of systems. This philosophy stems from GE’s vision to improve healthcare for more patients, and help more clinicians, around the world.

This results in the LOGIQ P3 having robust feature-sets, driving improved diagnostic capability and performance.

LOGIQ P3 supports a variety of lightweight and ergonomically designed probes from the GE family for multiple applications. These probes offer deeper penetration and excellent resolution. Additionally the advanced features and tools enable informed decision making.

  • Virtual convex enables extended fi eld of view on Linear Probes
  • Anatomical M mode - adjustable M cursor positioning, allows angle corrections for more accurate measurements on both frozen and live images
  • LOGIQview™ - extended fi eld of view to image large organs, usually not seen in a single image
  • Easy 3D and Advanced 3D - enables the clinician to see organ positioning relative to surrounding anatomy

Efficient data management

Saving and archiving images is an important part of the diagnostic process. The LOGIQ P3 has been designed to minimize the effort of data management. The connectivity solutions help you archive and maintain patient data in an organized manner.

  • Direct store Archive and retrieve patient data for further analysis
  • QuickSave
    – One push image transfer directly to the USB
    – Network QuickSave for transmission of images across a network for remote viewing
    – Easy flow of data to EMR system
  • MPEGView Easy transfer of images to AVI loops to CD and USB conveniently
  • Onboard reporting
  • Standard templates for various applications
  • Report designer (option) for customizing templates
  • DICOM 3.0 compliant
    – Structured reporting
    – Worklist
    – DICOM print

Exceptional ergonomics by design

The LOGIQ P3 has been designed following a careful study of the changing needs of clinical practices. A smart new shape, enhanced mobility and more convenient operation make it a system that is well suited for multiple clinical settings.

  • Sleek, streamlined, compact shape
  • User friendly keyboard and controls
  • Lightweight system for enhanced mobility
  • High resolution, wide-angle 15” LCD with tilt and swivel functionality for better viewing