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Alpinion E-Cube 15 Ultrasound Machine

Condition: New & Refurbished

Brand: Alpinion

Frequency Range:



Manufacture Description:

Alpinion  E-Cube 15

Quality in your daily practice 

E-CUBE i7, the next step in confident diagnosis with excellent imaging performance

In a fast-paced medical care environment, demand continues to increase among medical practitioners for ultrasound diagnostic systems that offer accuracy and convenience in diagnosis process. Alpinion placed its focus on customer-oriented research and development activities to improve diagnosis environment in medical facilities; offer convenient functions with stability in performance; and enhance efficiency in workflow. E-CUBE 15 Platinum is a high-performing diagnostic ultrasound system with its diagnosis process meeting all of your demands.

Sophisticated system and new UI(User Interface) design of E-CUBE 15 Platinum will add premium value to your daily practice. Combination of a vast range of features and the powerful architecture applied will provide superb image quality and help you facilitate productive diagnostic exams. In turn, you shall be able to spare extra time for communicating with individual patients to offer the quality care.

Excellence in image quality helps you make clinical decisions with confidence.

Superb Image Quality

Crystal Signature™
Transducers, applied with Alpinion’s own single crystal technology, will maximize the penetration to enable high-resolution imaging processes. Superior single crystal transducers result in a wide bandwidth and higher sensitivity that provide higher resolution and superior image quality to you.

Enhanced Doppler performance
E-CUBE 15 Platinum deploys its new hardware to improve resolution and contrast of 2D images and uniformity of the images. Two individual pulsers of H/W architecture separately control each signals of 2D mode and Doppler to improve Doppler image quality while keeping the fundamental image quality, which also compounds better Doppler signals and controls focusing of transmitted signals in each mode to ultimately provide clearer and more precise images.

Write Zoom
The advancement of SW Beamforming performance improves the resolution and image pattern recognition of write zoom in 2D mode. With this enhanced zoom function, you can much more clearly see small details such as fetal organs.

Advanced Xpeed™
The improvement of Xpeed™ with the precision optimized technology applied enables E-CUBE 15 Platinum to detect and predict dynamic range levels in real time in 2D mode and in Spectral Doppler mode. The optimized clinical images with the lowest noise levels and the faster processing speed up your daily practice providing clinical confidence.

Wide angle endovaginal transducer
The endovaginal transducers (EV3-10X / EC3-10X) provide wide angle FOV (Max. 230°) and high-resolution images to enhance accuracy and speed in diagnosis. For instance, the transducers offer multiple information on a single image when making diagnosis of uterus and uterine appendages. Furthermore, the transducers can have their motion minimized to thus reduce discomfort for patients.

Ergonomic Design in Metallic Color: Grey or White

21.5-inch full HD LED monitor
High-resolution monitor of 1,920x1,080 pixels provides clear clinical images. IPS(In-Plane Switching) technology offers wide viewing angle. In addition, undistorted images, regardless of user locations and environment, achieve accuracy and convenience in diagnosis.

10.4-inch touchscreen
Convenience in workflow is drastically enhanced with combination of touchscreen with high sensitivity equivalent to tablet PCs and up-to-date UI design.

Motorized-height adjustment of control panel
With an up down push button, the adjustment of height of control panel is made easier.

Built-in gel warmer
Temperature can be controlled by three levels to flexibly adjust to different diagnostic exam circumstances to ensure patient comfort.

Articulating monitor arm
With the fully articulating monitor arm, users can freely place the monitor without any limitation from the patient position. The monitor can move can move 140mm up and down, swivel +/-90° and tilt +15°/ -90°.

Transducer cable holders
Four transducer cable holders are available at your convenience. Users can keep the transducer cables neatly organized.

Intuitive and Efficient User Experience

New user interface
With the latest GUI design, which offers high readability, access to essential functions and modes becomes easier and faster.

New control panel

These configurable six keys are arranged in the most intuitive layout to ensure efficiency in diagnosis process. Less number of keystrokes would reduce fatigue from use while increasing the speed of exams. The backlight of panel can be adjusted to user environment.

Power preset
With a single touch, users are able to preset system tailored to their preferences. Easy and fast “Preset” lessens the burden and time wasted for setting images.

Enhanced computing power
E-CUBE 15 Platinum offers high data processing speed with its 512 GB SSD memory & 1 TB HDD. It boasts booting time as short as approximately 53 seconds and faster operating speed thus to reduce time for your diagnosis practice.

Touch Clip View
Touch Clip View is presenting the previous or current ultrasound images to compare the current patient’s images on the main screen. It is easy to compare current image with desired ultrasound images.


Advancement of technology offers assistance in making informed decisions.

Intelligent Analysis Tools

Auto NT
By designating ROI box on a desired part of nuchal translucency layer, the maximum value is automatically measured. Accurate and speedy measurement enables a swift examination in fast-paced medical scenes. 

Volume Advance™
Volume Advance™ offers functions that have been upgraded further (Free Angle MSV, AnySlice™, Volume Analysis) from Volume Master™. Users can gain accurate and detailed understanding of anatomical and pathological images and volume information by cutting volume data into desired cross sections and viewing them continuously.

Elastography is ultrasound imaging technology that reveals relative elasticity of tissues against external pressure. In parallel, relevant pathological information is offered to help reduce unnecessary biopsy. Pressure level on tissues can be monitored real time with an indication bar marked with its scale of one (1) to six (6) to enhance credibility of results.


Developed and manufactured by ALPINION for unrivalled acoustic performance


High density single crystal
OB/GYN, Abdomen,
Emergency Medicine (EM)

High density single crystal
Abdomen, OB/GYN,
Emergency Medicine (EM)

Wide angle high density
single crystal
Abdomen, OB/GYN,
Emergency Medicine (EM)

Micro convex
Abdominal, Pediatric,
Neonatal Cephalic, Cardiac,
Peripheral vessel

Volume Convex:

High density single crystal
Abdomen, OB/GYN,
Emergency Medicine (EM)


    Extreme high density,
    58.2mm wide aperture
    Breast, Musculoskeletal (MSK),
    Emergency Medicine (EM),
    Small Parts

    Extreme high density,
    58.2mm wide aperture
    Breast, Musculoskeletal (MSK),
    Emergency Medicine (EM),
    Small Parts

    High density
    Breast, Musculoskeletal (MSK),
    Emergency Medicine (EM),
    Vascular, Small Parts

    High density low frequency
    Vascular, Breast, Musculoskeletal
    (MSK), Emergency Medicine
    (EM), Small Parts, Appendix

    Intraoral linear
    Intra-operative, Pediactric,
    Small organ, Musculoskeletal
    (MSK), Peripheral vessel

    High frequency hockey stick
    Small Parts (Superficial),
    Musculoskeletal (MSK)


    Extreme high density
    OB/GYN, Urology,
    Emergency Medicine (EM)

    Extreme high density
    OB/GYN, Urology,
    Emergency Medicine (EM)

    High density endocavity
    Fetal, Trans-rectal, Trans-vaginal, Peripheral vessel, Urology

    High density endocavity
    Fetal, Trans-rectal, Trans-vaginal, Peripheral vessel, Urology

    Volume Endo

    High density volume
    OB/GYN, Urology

    Phased Array 

    Multi-active layer
    Abdomen, Cardiac,
    Emergency Medicine (EM)

    Single crystal
    Abdomen, Cardiac,
    Emergency Medicine (EM)

    Pencil Typed 

    Pencil Typed
    Cardiac, Peripheral vessel

    Pencil Typed

    The confidence of system

     We are committed to prioritize our customers who continue their efforts in swift and accurate diagnosis in everyday medical practices. Our major efforts include keeping high performance system up to date; pursuing product design with high durability in multiple times of examinations; and aiming simplicity in software to ensure usability. Further, we have been developing a variety of accessible service tools to offer customers speedy product services. Alpinion will value trust from customers and further, continue its commitment to paying close attention to voice of customers to develop and offer reliable products.

    Convenient System Update
    With Alpinion’s unique imaging platform, FleXcan™ Pro Architecture,  consistency in image quality and convenience in system upgrade have been made possible throughout entire product life cycle. All core elements of the diagnostic ultrasound system are software-based that customers are able to keep their system up to date with easy and speedy upgrades.

    Smart Data Protection
    E-CUBE 15 Platinum can store and protect patient information with its patient lock function. With the function, patient information can be protected against the accidental deletion. As users are able to manage patient information while diagnosis mode is on, E-CUBE 15 Platinum can protect important information against batch edit and/or deletion.

    High Quality Transducers
    Alpinion has developed its own transducers to manufacture in its own facilities. Ergonomically designed products use lightweight and flexible cables to reduce fatigue of users. Durable connectors and sturdy exterior materials are designed to assure convenience and durability in any environment. Furthermore, Alpinion operates its own maintenance and warranty service teams for prompt response to customers’ request.