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SonoScape X5 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: New

Brand: SonoScape

Type: Portable


Manufacture Description:

SonoScape X5

Lighten Your Imaging

SonoScape's laptop styled color Doppler ultrasound system, the X5, will revolutionize the ultrasound market. Designed as the go-to ultrasound in any setting at the bedside or abroad such as in an ambulance thanks to its light weight, small size and impressive durability. Packed with crystal clear imging capabilities and advanced applications inside this small laptop system makes it the ideal system for use inside hospitals too. Be it the OR, emergency room or ICU, the X5 can be found and ready to use at anytime. 

Efficient Experience 

The new platform provides users a more efficient scanning process, due to its advanced technology. Since X5 aims to achieve an excellent imaging quality, these technologies contribute to produce images with high resolution and penetration, presenting a large amount of information.

  • Multi-beam processing technology
  • Spatial compound imaging
  • U-Scan image processing technology
  • Pure inversion harmonic imaging
  • C-field beam

Advanced Technology 

  • 15.6 inch monitor in high definition 
  • Wide range folding angle and viewing angle 
  • Extended connector for up to 3 probes 
  • Noiseless system 
  • Quick boot up time 
  • Built-in battery supports 90 mins
  • Integrated trolley with height adjustment 
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connection

User Friendly 

  • One button automatic optimization
  • Large image display region
  • Anti-reflective screen and auto brightness adjustment
  • ser-defined operations

Extensive Applications

Crystal clear imaging quality with professional transducers makes X5 ideal for various applications.