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Siemens Acuson X700 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: New & Refurbished

Brand: Siemens

Type: Cart Based


Manufacture Description:

Siemens Acuson X700

A workhorse with thoroughbred DNA

A core ultrasound solution bred with premium imaging technology

Confidence can be engineered.

Discover a new standard of “standard” with the ACUSON X700 ultrasound system.

Sometimes, the most valuable ultrasound feature is the one you can’t see. We’ve engineered the ACUSON X700™ ultrasound system to deliver the most critical innovation of all: confidence, in both your diagnoses and your investment. This easy-to-operate core system leverages sophisticated imaging technologies to boost efficiency and provide rapid, uniform visualization. With an advanced imaging engine and enhanced transducer compatibility, the ACUSON X700 system is built to run like a champion in any ultrasound environment.

Ultrasound System
Diagnostic confidence.
Investment confidence.

✔ 20” LED monitor with integrated ergonomic handle
✔ 180° articulating arm
✔ Customizable presets, measurements, and report packages
✔ One-touch image optimization
✔ Advanced imaging technologies migrated from ACUSON S Family™ ultrasound systems

Innovation Migration

The ACUSON X700™ ultrasound system is built to be a workhorse, but it has thoroughbred DNA. This purpose-driven platform leverages innovations migrated from our premium ACUSON'S Family of ultrasound systems to help deliver clinical confidence through access to some of the most advanced technologies available.

Engineered Efficiency

Streamline your daily imaging practices with an ultrasound system that delivers advanced, knowledge-based applications, QuikStart rapid boot, and compatibility across ACUSON X Family™ and ACUSON'S Family transducers.

Freedom to Grow

Bet on an ultrasound system with the flexibility to meet today’s clinical demands and the adaptability to continue to meet your challenges as they evolve.

The ACUSON X700 system protects your investment with clinical versatility as well the freedom to easily incorporate upgrades as you need them.

Diagnostic Confidence.
Investment Confidence.

Sometimes, the most valuable ultrasound feature is the one you can’t see. With the ACUSON X700 system, we’ve engineered a system that offers one of the most critical innovations of all: confidence, in both your diagnoses and your investment.

Built around advanced imaging technologies migrated from our premium systems and offering a broad range of transducers and applications, it’s built to run like a champion in any ultrasound environment and offers a new standard of “standard” in imaging performance and workflow efficiencies.

Innovation Migration
Siemens is an established innovator in ultrasound. With the ACUSON X700 system, we had the luxury of choosing features from some of the most proven, sophisticated imaging systems on the market, and packaging them in a high performance general imaging platform. The ACUSON X700 system was built to be a workhorse. But with advanced hardware and software migrated from our premium platforms, it’s a workhorse with thoroughbred DNA.

Engineered Efficiency
The ACUSON X700 system supports a complete suite of transducers for the most demanding general imaging environments, as well as a full set of quantification tools including technologies such as eSie Touch™ elasticity imaging pioneered by Siemens. But it also provides responsive service, ergonomic design and efficient workflow. That’s because we know efficiency, like all critical things, is an innovation that must be engineered.

Freedom to Grow
Some purchases can look economical today, but expensive tomorrow. We understand the importance of protecting your ultrasound investments. That’s why we’ve designed the ACUSON X700 system to be upgradeable, so you’re investing in a solution that can help you adapt to changing needs, and changing technology.