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Siemens Acuson X600 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: New & Refurbished

Brand: Siemens

Type: Cart Based


Manufacture Description:

Siemens Acuson X600

It punches above its price class.

An affordable ultrasound system powered by heavyweight imaging technology

The new standard of “standard”.

✔ Advanced Imaging
✔ Built to Work Smart
✔ Progress and Protection

Get the best of what matters most with the ACUSON X600 ultrasound system

When it comes to ultrasound systems, we believe some things – such as image quality and reliability – should not be compromised. That’s why we engineered the ACUSON X600™ ultrasound system around an advanced imaging engine that excels in the shared-service environment. It allows you to put your money where it matters most, leveraging a wide range of sophisticated applications for an affordable, day-to-day imaging experience that’s anything but standard.

Ultrasound System
The best of what matters most.

✔ 20” LED monitor with integrated ergonomic handle
✔ 180° articulating arm
✔ Customizable presets, measurements, and report packages
✔ One-touch image optimization
✔ Premium features made standard

Advanced Imaging

The ACUSON X600™ ultrasound system provides heavyweight performance in an agile, lightweight package. It’s founded on an advanced imaging engine typically reserved for higherend systems so you can power your practice with insights based on clear, uniform images.

Built to Work Smart

With knowledge-based workflow tools for increased exam speed and consistency, the ACUSON X600 system is engineered for efficiency. It leverages features such as automatic tissue grayscale optimization, wireless data transfer, and available QuikStart rapid boot to streamline operation across daily, shared-service imaging.

Progress and Protection

The ACUSON X600 system continually benefits from technologies pioneered on higher-end systems. With advanced features for a wide variety of applications, it has the versatility to meet your needs today as well as the flexibility to grow with your evolving clinical demands.

The Best of What Matters Most:
A Smart Solution for General Imaging

Without compromise, the ACUSON X600 ultrasound system delivers what matters most: unparalleled quality of patient care and industry leading system reliability.

Engineered on a robust system architecture and with advanced state of the art technologies migrated from our premium systems, the ACUSON X600 system sets a new standard of “standard” in imaging performance and workflow efficiencies. Giving you the freedom to grow and adapt to the clinical demands in General Imaging.

Advanced Imaging
We believe you want to put your money where it matters most. That’s why the ACUSON X600 system is built with an advanced imaging engine packed with premium technologies to give you the diagnostic confidence you need. Superb 2D imaging resulting from features like Advanced SieClear™ spatial compounding and Dynamic TCE™ tissue contrast enhancement technology provide exceptional detail and contrast resolution.

Built to Work Smart
With thoughtful engineering to create true value, the ACUSON X600 system offers reliability, ergonomic design and efficient workflow. The system provides quick access to frequently used controls and multiple customizations of imaging presets including measurement and reporting packages. Smart productivity features like TGO™ tissue grayscale optimization technology provides one button optimization to adjust brightness and equalize overall gain for a more streamlined scanning experience.

Progress and Protection
Built on the solid foundation of proven reliability, the ACUSON X600 system delivers dependability so you can deliver the same to your patients. With low cost of ownership, it is a cost-effective core solution that can evolve and adapt with your practice.

The ACUSON X600 system gives you the freedom to choose a cost-effective, smart solution without compromises.