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Siemens Acuson Redwood Ultrasound Machine

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Condition: New & Refurbished

Brand: Siemens

Type: Cart Based


Manufacture Description:

Siemens Acuson Redwood

Pushing the boundaries of imaging, performance and value

ACUSON Redwood ultrasound system

By 2020, chronic diseases will account for almost three-quarters of all deaths worldwide. 71% of these deaths will be due to cardio-vascular disease1, creating an ever-increasing need for premium imaging services to be accessible and affordable for this aging population.

Globally, healthcare providers face an ongoing struggle for improved clinical outcomes against the constraints of tighter budgets. Meeting the demand for early detection, diagnosis, and timely treatment of a variety of chronic diseases is tremendously challenging for a physician. Ultrasound imaging must enable answers to a breadth of important clinical questions—fast.

Welcome ACUSON Redwood; pushing the boundaries of imaging, performance, and value—a solution for shared service cardiology, offering a comprehensive suite of advanced applications.

Comprehensive suite of transducers
The ACUSON Redwood has a comprehensive suite of more than 13 transducers, including TEE and TTE, supporting a diverse range of clinical applications.

Imaging that inspires confidence

Image quality and improved clinical outcomes have a direct correlation. Obtain high-performance and precision imaging working within the constraints of tight operational budgets. 

  • Apical 4 chamber view with color flash suppression technology adjusts persistence relative to operator motion by reducing the amount of extraneous color speckle.
  • Differentiate true contractility from passive myocardial motion with tissue Doppler imaging.
  • Perform routine TEE exams to assess mitral valve morphology and physiology with the V5Ms transducer.

Smart workflow for greater efficiency

AI-powered tools may improve workflow efficiency by removing manual processes and reducing examination time.

  • AI-powered eSie Measure workflow package enables 1-click cardiac measurements for 2D, M-mode, and Doppler providing increased reproducibility and efficiency while minimizing keystrokes.
  • Using AI-powered technology, eSie Left Heart automatically identifies views and contours the left ventricle and left atrium while improving measurement reproducibility and efficiency of left ventricular and left atrial ejection fraction.
  • Spectral pulsed wave (PW) Doppler interrogation of the left ventricular outflow tract using AI-powered eSie Measure 1-click quantification reduces keystrokes and increases measurement reproducibility and efficiency.

Advanced applications for improved clinical decisions

ACUSON Redwood offers a comprehensive suite of advanced applications for early detection, diagnosis, and timely treatment.

  • Assess myocardial motion and mechanics with Global Longitudinal Strain (GLS), Global Radial Strain (GRS), and Global Circumferential Strain (GCS) using syngo VVI.
  • Stress Echo supports six user-definable factory default protocols and allows for prospective, retrospective and continuous image acquisition.
  • Optimally assess left ventricular function with Left Ventricular Opacification (LVO) improving tissue suppression and contrast visualization and contrast duration.

At Siemens Healthineers, our mission is to enable healthcare providers to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, and improving patient experience, all enabled by digitalizing healthcare.

An estimated five million patients worldwide everyday benefit from our innovative technologies and services in the areas of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging, laboratory diagnostics and molecular medicine as well as digital health and enterprise services.

We’re a leading medical technology company with over 120 years of experience and 18,500 patents globally. With over 50,000 employees in more than 70 countries, we’ll continue to innovate and shape the future of healthcare.

The products/features mentioned in this document may not be commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further details.

Stand-alone clinical images may have been cropped to better visualize pathology.

ACUSON Redwood, eSie Left Heart, eSie Measure and Velocity Vector Imaging technology (VVI) are trademarks of Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.