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Siemens Acuson Juniper Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: New & Refurbished

Brand: Siemens

Type: Cart Based


Manufacture Description:

Siemens Acuson Juniper

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Helping you transform care delivery

Higher patient volumes. Larger patient sizes. Limited diagnostic certainty. In the face of these trending challenges, you need a reliable ultrasound system that can consistently deliver high-quality images across disease states – a system with optimized accessibility, expanded applications, and ease of use.

Created with these needs in mind, the ACUSON Juniper empowers you to image every patient, knowing you have the clinical information necessary for confident decision-making. Small on the outside, yet big on the inside, the system is designed to adapt to your everyday clinical and workflow challenges.

When form and function meet, the result is the ACUSON Juniper, an ultrasound system that is smaller, more powerful, and capable of accommodating virtually all patients.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Small on the outside, yet big on the inside
ACUSON Juniper is powered by a completely new platform, designed from the ground up to offer high-fidelity transmit and receive acoustic signals that greatly reduces noise and offers premium image quality and industry leading elasticity solutions.

Where form and function meet
Performance comes at no cost to the functional design of the system. ACUSON Juniper offers one of the smallest market footprints in its class, effortless maneuverability, 5 active transducer ports and a simple, intuitive and highly customizable control panel.

Focus on what matters most

Move easily between exams, patients, and spaces while still benefiting from remarkable system performance with the ACUSON Juniper system. The 6 ports, including 5 active transducer ports and 1 CW port, support multiple clinical applications as you move about your day. Designed with intent, the system adjusts easily to individual working preferences – pull the lightweight system from the front or back as you move between exams, tilt the monitor up or down as needed for your height, or rotate the control panel left or right depending on the patient bed location.

Up to 36% smaller than other systems in the same class, the ACUSON Juniper fits into virtually any hospital room. Weighing only 76 kg (168 pounds), making it one of the lightest and easiest to maneuver Ultrasound system in its class.

Control Panel

Support greater workflow personalization with a simple, intuitive control panel and tiltable, highly customizable 13.3-inch touch screen. Able to be optimized for space availability, convenience, and user preference, the system’s 90° right and left rotation allows flexibility and improved transducer connector positioning.

The Footprint

ACUSON Juniper offers powerful capabilities in one of the industry’s smallest ultrasound systems. Able to fit in virtually any hospital room, the system is up to 36% smaller and weighs an average of 27% less than other systems in its class.

✔ 21.5-inch LED monitor highly adjustable transition for optimal ergonomic positioning toward, away and side-to-side.

✔ 13.3-inch high resolution tiltable touch panel with rapid response technology, allows for quick and accurate key selection.

✔ 90° right and left ration allows the user the flexibility of choosing the transducer connectors position.

✔ Front and back handle for effortless maneuverability.

✔ Bi-directional locks enable moving the system easily from one location to another.

 Focus on what matters most

Among the quietest ultrasound systems in its class on the market, the ACUSON Juniper allows a comfortable room environment and redefines adaptability, meeting staff preferences with ease so you can focus on what matters most – your patient.


The control panel supports a clean and sterile environment with its customized disposable skin. Several cable hooks are available to support better cable management and efficiency.


With 5 active transducer ports and 1 pencil port, the ACUSON Juniper is always ready to scan with little to no setup time. This system is designed for a stress-free environment with a sound pressure of only 28 decibels.

✔ Customized disposable skin keeps the control panel clean and sterile.

✔ Purposeful cable management hooks – several hooks available for a clean, cable-free environment.

✔ Everything made with intent, including utilities storage basket, magnetic storage bin, and transducer holders.

✔ Efficient workflow with 5 active transducer ports and 1 CW port.

✔ ECG cable connector, auxiliary physio port, and DVD writer.

Image every patient

Routinely delivering high-quality care means scanning virtually every patient regardless of their size, weight, or condition. With its clinical versatility and industry-leading tissue elasticity imaging, the ACUSON Juniper enables you to expand your ultrasound clinical and service offerings across virtually all patient and case types.

The system’s wide variety of clinical solutions and fast image acquisition can improve diagnostic confidence across all departments, from radiology, interventional radiology, and urology to cardiovascular, orthopedic, and obstetrics/gynecological imaging.

The ACUSON Juniper has a comprehensive suite of 19 transducers, supporting a diverse range of Shared Services, Cardiac, and Women’s Health clinical applications


Cover a wide range of clinical needs with 19 transducers that deliver the
versatility to expand clinical offerings.


High contrast resolution, complete image uniformity: full diagnostic quality.

  • Complete homogeneous liver texture from the near to the far field with a well-balanced pixel pattern and sharp border delineation.
  • Improved tissue differentiation and border detection, as with this gallbladder mass, using Dynamic TCE tissue contrast enhancement technology.
  • This image of a fetal profile shows excellent contrast resolution and visualization of subtle tissue differences using eSieImage Multiparametric Optimization, without having to adjust any of the gain controls.
  • A simple and intuitive control panel allows the users to easily adjust the imaging parameters, resulting in increased speed and work flow efficiency.
  • Four chamber view of the heart utilizing the 5P1 single crystal transducer.
  • The fibrous connective tissue bands are clearly displayed in this image of the patellar tendon.

The ACUSON Juniper delivers consistency and repeatability for your clinical environment by guiding the user on what views are required and what else they need to do to get a complete study. Reduce motion artifacts and noise while simultaneously enhancing color sensitivity with Dynamic Persistence and color Auto Flash Artifact Suppression technologies.


Improve diagnostic confidence with exceptional color resolution and with improved physiological representation of color while reducing color flash artifact.


Offers the ability to measure tissue elasticity imaging with a click of a button using our best-in-class Virtual Touch quantification and eSie Touch elastography. The system helps to reduce operator variability, improves accuracy and gives greater consistency in reporting through several automated tools.

  • The perfusion of the renal cortex can be seen here using our color Doppler with Auto Flash Artifact Supression technology.
  • Dynamic Persistence and Auto Flash Artifact Supression technologies help reduce tissue motion and color Doppler artifact, shown in this image of the IVC and duplicated right renal artery.
  • A transesophageal image of the LVOT and aortic valve are visualized with color flow Doppler using the 5VT transducer.
  • Reproducible, reliable and detailed tissue stiffness information can be quickly and easily obtained using our one touch Virtual Touch quantification technology.
  • syngo VVI is used to assess myocardial motion and mechanics and quantifies Global Longitudinal Strain (GLS), Global Circumferential Strain (GCS), and Global Radial Strain (GRS).
  • 3-Scape 3D shows a detailed representation of the gallbladder pathology seen here.

Where form meets function

Functional Performance

  • Shear wave elastography imaging
  • Comprehensive measurements package
  • Suite of 19 transducers to cover all clinical applications
  • New front-end, beamformer and back-end engines for improved contrast resolution, plunkability, sensitivity and specificity
  • syngo VVI (Velocity Vector Imaging) cardiac strain analysis package

✔ 13.3” touch display
Smart UI for quicker scan settings and protocols

✔ Intuitive control panel
Customizable height, angle and keys

✔ Quiet, stress-free environment
Bedroom-like sound level, 40% quieter than average

✔ Every detail designed to maximize productivity
Multiple storage bins available as well as space for easy installation of peripherals

  21.5” LED monitor
Highly adjustable for maximum operator adaptability

  Lightweight maneuverability
One of the easiest systems to maneuver, weighing only 76 kilos (168 pounds), and with both rear and front handles

  Purposeful cable management hooks
Several hooks available for a clean, cable free environment

✔ Multiple transducer ports
Efficient workflow with 5 active transducer ports, 1 pencil cardiac port and 2 physio ports

Small footprint, effortless maneuverability: unlimited versatility.

Control Panel 
Wide monitor, large touch display, intuitive UI: highly adaptable workflow.


5 transducer ports and 1 cw port, quick boot-up time: maximum productivity

Multiple cable hooks, wide variety of available accessories: all-encompassing design

Feature overview

ACUSON Juniper Ultrasound System

The ACUSON Juniper provides embedded time-tested and leading-edge imaging technologies encapsulated by an elegant, yet simple and intuitive design. The ACUSON Juniper supports 19 transducers and has 5 transducer ports.

With a capacitive touch screen and traditional control panel, the ACUSON Juniper is engineered to grow and adapt with dynamic user requirements and departmental demands as they evolve.

ACUSON Juniper Ultrasound System,
Select Edition

Note: This product option supports limited transducers, software features and options compared to the ACUSON Juniper.
The ACUSON Juniper Select Edition has 4 transducer ports.

The ACUSON Juniper Select Edition is not upgradable to include advanced features and transducers.

 5C1, 8VC3, 10MC3, 12L3, 11L4, 5P1, CW2, CW5
7C2, 11M3, 9VE3, 9MC3, 16L4, 13L4, 18H5, 5VT,
8V4, 10V4, CW81


  ACUSON Freestyle™
Ultrasound System
Windows 10 Operating System
Auto Flash Color Artifact Suppression
Advanced SieClear Spatial Compounding
Clarify Vascular Enhancement (VE) Technology
eSieImage Multiparametric Optimization
DICOM 3.0 Connectivity, DICOM Modality Worklist, DICOM MPPS –
Modality Performed Procedure Step, DICOM Structured Reporting
Ultrasound System Security – Virus Protection
Enhanced Needle Visualization
eSieScan Workflow Protocols
eSie Touch Elasticity Imaging
syngo Arterial Health Package (AHP)
Virtual Touch Quantification
syngo Auto OB Measurements
syngo Auto Follicle Measurements
4D Imaging
DTI Doppler Tissue Imaging (for Cardiac)
Left Ventricular Opacification Contrast (LVO)
Physio Module
Stress Echo
eSie Measure Workflow Acceleration Package
eSie Left Heart Measurement Package
syngo Velocity Vector Imaging
QuikStart Standby Mode


⚫ Standard     ⚪  Optional     


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