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Siemens Acuson Freestyle Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: New & Refurbished

Brand: Siemens

Type: Portable


Manufacture Description:

Siemens Acuson Freestyle

Access Redefined

Siemens Healthineers designed ACUSON Freestyle Series Ultrasound Systems for those who want flexibility and accessibility to improve the entire ultrasound experience for you and your patients at the point-of-care. Unlike other ultrasound systems,the cable-free and portable ACUSON Freestyle Series Systems enable practitioners to improve workflow and improve the overall patient experience.

With cable-free transducers and easy image optimization controls, the ACUSON Freestyle Series simplifies the way you access your workspace and address your clinical needs.

Embrace the freedom.

Clinical Access 

The ACUSON Freestyle Series enables access to perform ultrasound-guided procedures in interventional radiology and cardiology, anesthesiology and pain management, with unprecedented image clarity even in the most demanding environments.

  • Cable-free transducers improve access for difficult-to-reach anatomy, such as this thickened Achilles tendon.
  • Beautiful detail of the classic honeycomb appearance of the median nerve with Pixelformer™ image processing architecture.
  • Visualize more anatomy in one image, such as this Interscalene brachial plexus, with Wide Mode imaging.
  • Reduce exam time using Pixelformer™ image processing architecture to automate focal zones and visualize the common femoral artery.
  • Visualize longer segments of the femoral arteries with Wide Mode imaging.
  • Exquisite detail of the subclavian vein with Pixelformer™ image processing architecture using the L13-5 cable-free transducer.
  • Extend the field of view when visualizing the subclavian artery using Wide Mode imaging.
  • Clearly visualize the patellar tendon while scanning up to 10 feet from the system using the L13-5 cable-free transducer.
  • Excellent visualization of the origin of the supraspinatus tendon with Pixelformer™ image processing architecture.

Cable-Free Access 

With cable-free technology, the ACUSON Freestyle Series offers unrestricted access to practitioners at the point of care, allowing quicker turnaround time.

  • Save up to 92%* in sterile field preparation time and reduce risk of infections with cable-free transducers and dedicated covers
  • Scan clearly with a wireless range of up to 10 feet (three meters) away from the system
  • Move around your workspace freely using innovative wireless technology
  • Track and protect your investment with an internal alarm system for cable-free probe location security

Clear Access 

Scan clearly with innovative image processing and needle visualization features. With the ACUSON Freestyle Series, be confident that you can see – and reach – your optimal field of view during your ultrasound procedures.

  • Reduce inaccurate punctures and enhance procedure clarity with enhanced Needle V needle visualization software and in-plane and out-of-plane needle guides.
  • See entire field of view clearly with high-quality, high-resolution imaging using Pixelformer™ image processing architecture
  • Extend the field of view with the new Wide (trapezoidal imaging) Mode available on all linear transducers

Automated Access 

Automate your workflow with access to innovative technologies using the ACUSON Freestyle Series for a streamlined workflow from patient registration to wireless image review and diagnosis.

ACUSON Freestyle™ Mobile Link App
Begin your exam quickly with remote patient information entry, and access images and clips for viewing and sharing using the ACUSON Freestyle Mobile Link App

Auto Study Management
Automatically maintain ample study storage space using Auto Study Management to ensure you are ready for your next exam

Auto Send
Automatically send studies to PACS upon exam completion using Auto Send

Feature Overview 

ACUSON Freestyle™ Ultrasound System
The portable solution to promote automated workflow and clear visualization at the point of care using cable-free technology and wireless connectivity to redefine ultrasound access throughout your practice.

ACUSON Freestyle™ Elite Ultrasound System
The adaptable solution, to promote automated workflow, clear visualization and faster access to the ultrasound procedure both at the point of care, and in the interventional suite using Siemens exclusive Artis Access for cross modality synchronization.

  ACUSON Freestyle™
Ultrasound System
Pixelformer™ image processing architecture
Wide (trapezoidal imaging) Mode
Auto Send
Auto Study Management
Probe localization alerts
ACUSON Freestyle™ Mobile Link App
Wireless Networking
DICOM Support
(Storage, Commit, MWL, MPPS & Media)
Needle visualization
(Needle V)
External antenna
Artis Patient Synchronization
Artis Access* (Includes Artis Patient
Synchronization, external antenna and ACUSON
Freestyle Elite-to-Artis Large Display mounting)


⚫ Standard     ⚪  Optional      ⁃ Not available 

Artis Access 

Zero Cables. Zero Footprint. Fully Connected.

The mounted ultrasound solution combined with the Artis with PURE® angiography systems for a unique interventional workflow - optimized for cable-free workspace utilization while allowing faster time to the ultrasound exam.

Zero Cables
Move freely around your workspace while maintaining the sterile field with ergonomic viewing of the ultrasound image on the Artis Large Display.

Zero Footprint
Free up staff and optimize your workspace with single-user onprobe controls and a rear-mounted ACUSON Freestyle Elite ultrasound system on the Artis Large Display

Fully Connected
Improve procedural workflow times using Artis Patient Synchronization for automated patient data registration and using Auto Send for effortless sending of studies to PACS upon exam completion

  • Readily accessible, mounted ultrasound solution with external antenna for improved line-of-sight
  • Quickly drape transducers with custom-fitted sheaths
  • Automated Patient Registration
  • Seamless viewing of ultrasound image on the Large Display
  • Automatically send images to PACS