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Samsung PT60A Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: New & Refurbished

Brand: Samsung

Type: Portable


Manufacture Description:

Samsung PT60A


This groundbreaking ultrasound system is uniquely engineered to meet the needs of the portable market and incorporates new features such as a 10.1-inch LED touch-screen and Needle Mate™ technology. With its premium performance, slim and compact size, and ease of use, the UGEO PT60A is designed to satisfy all Point of Care applications.


The highest levels of accuracy and efficiency in diagnosis and treatment are possible with UGEO PT60A, which features the latest technologies such as a 10.1 inch LED touch-screen monitor for easy operation, Needle Mate™ for precise identification of the needles’ location, and SDMR ™ providing clearer imaging with an innovative noise reduction filter.

SDMR technology virtually eliminates unwanted speckle noise, while providing exceptional contrast resolution in combination with enhanced edge definition for unsurpassed image quality. Integrating Samsung’s innovative imaging technology, UGEO PT60A demonstrates a noticeable improvement in image quality.

SCI™ (Spatial Compounding Image)
Spacial Compounding Image incorporates intricate beam steering and compounding of scan lines to deliver remarkable spatial and contrast resolution.

Needle Mate™
The highest levels of accuracy and efficiency in diagnosis and treatment become possible with UGEO PT60A. Using pinpoint precision, Needle Mate delineates needle location when performing interventions such as nerve blocks, corticosteroid injections and PIC line insertions.

10.1 inch LED monitor
Equipped with a 10.1 inch LED touch-screen monitor, UGEO PT60A displays superb image quality with enhanced contrast resolution providing the optimal scanning experience.


Using the one-touch measurement features of the ultraportable and compact UGEO PT60A, exam results are delivered with maximum efficiency. The UGEO PT60A’s Auto IMT™ and quick diagnosis report can help providers make critical decisions more easily. This, in turn, enables fast and timely treatment for the patient.

Capacitive Full touch-screen
UGEO PT60A’s capacitive touch-screen is highly durable and supports multi touch with faster reaction time. It also can be operated with gloves and helps to improve work efficiency for ICU, operating theaters, ambulances and emergency departments.

Auto IMT™
Auto IMT™ allows automatic IMT measurement of both the near and far walls of the CCA (Common Carotid Artery). Accurate IMT measurements have the potential to identify patients with an increased risk of stroke and heart disease.

Important imaging parameters can be automatically optimized with the touch of a button below the monitor, maximizing the efficiency of diagnosis workflow.

The UGEO PT60A design can also help sports medicine specialists quickly examine injuries with easy access to common functions made possible by the sensitive full touch-screen and intuitive user interface. The compact size of the equipment also helps users quickly attend to the injury by enhancing their mobility during the diagnostic examination.


Mobility is an extremely important factor for various ultrasound applications, and the UGEO PT60A does not fail to satisfy this aspect. An optional docking cart provides maximum portability to the system, which boasts a handy, ergonomic design for ease of use and an available three probe port connector.

Tilting Monitor
The monitor holder on the UGEO PT60A cart can be easily adjusted to hold the screen at the optimal angle that users can comfortably view.

Lift Table
The table of fers four convenient probe holders and can be adjusted up-and-down for user comfort.

Micro Probe Connector
The small micro probe connector leaves more room on the machine for efficient use of space.

Three Probe Ports
UGEO PT60A’s docking cart provides three extended active probe ports for greater usability.

Basket Space and Encased Printer
The large, robust basket and encased printer maximize efficient use of space and provide enhanced functionality.

Convenient Handle
UGEO PT60A comes with a convenient handle for one-handed carrying that enables easier and faster transportation


Phased Array Probe

• Application: Cardiac, Abdomen, TCD, Emergency
• Center frequency: 2.7 MHz
• Field of view: 90°

Linear Probes

• Application: Musculoskeletal, Small Parts, Vascular, Nerve Block
• Center frequency: 8.5 MHz
• Field of view: 38.4mm

• Application: Musculoskeletal, Nerve Block
• Center frequency: 9.2 MHz
• Field of view: 25.6mm

Convex Probes

• Application: Abdomen, OB, GYN
• Center frequency: 3.35 MHz
• Field of view: 47.7°

• Application: Abdomen, OB, GYN
• Center frequency: 4.8 MHz
• Field of view: 68°