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Samsung MySono U6 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: New & Refurbished

Brand: Samsung

Type: Portable


Manufacture Description:

Samsung MySono U6

The Smart Choice 

Quality through technology 

Revolutionary image quality 

MySono U6 provides the ultimate in content optimization for a portable system. Vastly improved resolution allows you to provide the most accurate clinical outcomes.

QuickScan™ provides automatic image optimization at the push of a button.

Speckle Reduction Filter™ (SRF™)
Samsung Medison's innovative SRF™ algorithm makes speckle noise a thing of the past.

Dynamic MR+2.0™ (DMR+ 2.0™)
The powerful DMR+ 2.0™ software improves the contrast resolution of ultrasound images, enabling you to see subtle differences in tissue.

Spatial Compounding Image™ (SCI™)
SCI™ greatly improves the signal-to-noise ratio and enhances resolution using compounding.

Auto IMT™
A quick, automated method for measuring the Intima-Media Thickness of the common Carotid Artery.
Auto IMT™ enables you to identify patients who are at high risk of arterial disease.

Full measurement package
A range of general measurements and a full range of Cardiac, Gynecology, Obstetrics, MSK, pediatric and Vascular measurements are available in the MySono U6.

If ergonomics are the issue

Samsung Medison’s compact hand carried ultrasound system

MySono U6 is a smart and lightweight ultrasound system with minimal power consumption that can be easily transported, operated, and stored. At the bedside, in the operating room, or near the sports field, MySono U6 is always ready for use.

Compact and lightweight
MySono U6’s slim design and 5.6 kg weight make it compact and easy to carry.

Ergonomic design
Major key functions are grouped under the palm of your hand for maximum efficiency and applied ergonomics. MySono U6 cart is equipped with front and back handles for mobility.

High resolution 15" LED monitor
MySono U6’s 15" high resolution LED monitor delivers superb image quality

Backlit keyboard and control panel
MySono U6 features a full color backlit LED keyboard and control panel that enables you to work in dark surroundings.

Workflow that enhances

Workflow solutions to enhance patient throughput

MySono U6 enables you to work quickly and efficiently through its automated image optimization functions and extended measurement functions; it also enhances patient throughput by easy connection to image archiving systems.

SonoView™ image management software offers the possibility of seamless integration with image archive systems or hospital PACS.

DICOM 3.0 connectivity
MySono U6 supports DICOM Store and DICOM Storage Commit, to store ultrasound studies safely into an image archive.

Wired and wireless LAN support
MySono U6 can receive the DICOM patient list and send DICOM study data through wired and wireless connections to the PACS or image archive.

Standby mode
Simply opening the cover in standby mode allows complete operation within seconds.

Smart choice for your needs

Across a variety of applications such as General Imaging, Cardiovascular and Ob/Gyn, MySono U6's probes ensure the most accurate diagnosis.

C2-5 Convex probe
- Center frequency: 3.5 MHz
- Radius of curvature: 40 mm
- Application: Abdomen, OB, Gynecology

C2-8 Convex probe
- Center frequency: 4.6 MHz
- Radius of curvature: 51 mm
- Application: Abdomen, Gynecology, OB

C4-9 Micro Convex probe
- Center frequency: 6.5MHz
- Radius of curvature: 10 mm
- Application: Pediatric, neonatal, Abdomen, Vascular

3D4-9 Volume endocavity probe
- Center frequency: 6.5 MHz
- Radius of curvature: 10 mm
- Application: Gynecology, OB, Urology

EVN4-9 Endocavity probe
- Center frequency: 6.7MHz
- Radius of curvature: 10mm
- Application: Gynecology, OB, Urology

3DC2-6  Volume Convex probe
- Center frequency: 3.8 MHz
- Radius of curvature: 40 mm
- Application: Abdomen, Gynecology, OB

LN5-12 Linear probe
- Center frequency: 7.5MHz
- Radius of curvature: Flat
- Application: Musculoskeletal, Small Parts, Vascular

P2-4 Phased Array probe
- Center frequency: 3.0MHz
- Radius of curvature: Flat
- Application: Cardiac, Pediatric cardiac, Abdomen, TCD

CW2.0 CW Pencil probe
- Center frequency : 2.0 MHz
- Number of elements: 2 elements
- Application: Cardiac