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Philips X8-2t xMatrix Live 3D TEE probe

Condition: New and refubished

Brand: Philips

Frequency Range: 2.0-8.0 MHz

Application: Transesophageal (TEE)

Compatibility: Epiq 5, Epiq 7, Epiq CVx

Philips latest Live 3D TEE transducer

Philips xMATRIX performance becomes even more powerful with the X8-2t Live 3D transesophageal transducer. Its acoustic design provides higher frequencies and bandwidth providing increased resolution and tissue filling in 2D and Live 3D. 

Acquisitions in a single beat The xMATRIX X8-2t transducer brings true one-beat acquisitions and our highest volume rates in Live 3D and Live 3D color fl ow to TEE imaging, without compromise to image quality.

Boost image quality While 3D TEE is becoming the standard imaging modality for interventional procedures, interventional device artifacts can compromise image quality, making it difficult to assess anatomy around the device. Image Boost is an advanced image formation process that suppresses unwanted clutter signals and boosts desired signals in MPR imaging mode.

Dependent upon the chosen imaging preset, the X8-2t transducer enhances settings for either tissue or device. When using the interventional preset, the algorithm reduces the appearance of artifacts coming from the device to help maintain diagnostic confidence in all phases of the procedure.

xPlane Doppler

During complex TEE examinations, diagnostic confidence in valve disease assessment is fundamental, the X8-2t transducer with xPlane Doppler enables accurate representation and doppler quantification of the target flow without losing the correct image alignment.