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Philips Lumify Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: New & Refurbished

Brand: Philips Healthcare

Type: Handheld


Manufacture Description:

Philips Lumify 

Ultrasound on your Android Device. 
Ready when you are. 

An exciting breakthrough in point-of-care imaging technology.

Lumify is the app-based mobile ultrasound system that brings Philips-quality imaging to your compatible smart device.

Bring the technology directly to your patients when it’s needed, for faster diagnosis and treatment.

Our subscription model makes it easy to get started. With three simple steps you’re ready to go.

1. Download  
2. Connect the Lumify transducer to your compatible smart device.
3. Scan with the exceptional quality of Philips imaging technology. 

Download the app, connect, scan, and share images from your compatible smart device or phone.

Quality Imaging 

Our S4-1, L12-4, and C5-2 transducers deliver exceptional image quality and reliable performance.
High-quality ultrasound imaging is now available on your compatible smart device with Lumify, the mobile app and hardware solution from Philips. Lumify’s newest transducer, the S4-1, has presets for cardiac, abdominal with lung, Ob/Gyn, and FAST exams. Our L12-4 transducer supports a variety of clinical applications, including soft tissue, musculoskeletal, lung, and vascular scanning. The C5-2 offers abdominal with lung and gallbladder presets, and Ob/Gyn capabilities.

Simple connectivity

Lumify makes it easy to share information and collaborate with colleagues and specialists.
Philips Lumify mobile ultrasound gives you the power to quickly send and share images, notes, and diagnostic data via email, DICOM to PACS, a shared network, or a local directory. It’s a dependable and comprehensive point-of care solution that brings simplicity, mobility, and flexibility to ultrasound technology.

Flexible pricing

Subscription and purchase options make it easy and quick to get started.
Experience the quality, flexibility, and mobility of Philips Lumify when you purchase at a one-time cost or subscribe monthly, yearly or biennially (subscription includes a 30-day deferred payment).
When you purchase or subscribe, you’ll receive:
• A Philips Lumify transducer
• Lumify ultrasound app
• Ongoing software upgrades
• Manufacturer’s warranty on the hardware
• Access to Philips service and education

Lumify brings three decades of imaging expertise and innovation to point of-care practitioners.