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Philips EPIQ 5 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: New & Refurbished

Brand: Philips Healthcare

Type: Cart Based


Manufacture Description:

Philips EPIQ 5

A new era in premium ultrasound
Philips EPIQ 5 ultrasound system for women's health care

The new challenges in global healthcare

To help ease the unprecedented strain on hospitals and healthcare systems, premium ultrasound must continue to deliver more: improved quality, higher accuracy, faster and more consistent exams that lead to quick and more confident diagnoses the first time and in less time, even for technically difficult patients.

Throughout our worldwide research into women’s health care you’ve told us about the challenges you face:

  • I need more definitive image quality and advanced tools for all gestational ages and complex gynecological cases
  • I am seeing more pregnancies in patients with high BMIs and I need to improve exam success on these technically challenging patients
  • I am seeing higher referral rates with more complex cases, requiring improvement in workflow efficiency
  • I have a desire to automate many system functions to assure ease of use and consistency of exams between users
  • I need exceptional 3D surface rendering performance to better diagnose anomalies

Introducing a new era in premium ultrasound for women’s health care

It’s our most powerful architecture ever applied to ultrasound imaging – touching all aspects of acoustic acquisition and processing, allowing you to truly experience ultrasound’s evolution to a more definitive modality


More confidence in your diagnosis even for your most difficult cases

EPIQ 5 is the new direction for premium ultrasound, featuring an uncompromised level of clinical performance to meet the challenges of today’s most demanding practices and technically difficult-to-image patients through every gestational age and for gynecology applications.

Our most powerful architecture ever applied to ultrasound imaging
The power of this architecture touches all aspects of acoustic acquisition and processing, allowing you to truly experience the evolution to reaching a more definitive diagnosis easily.

Philips nSIGHT Imaging is a totally new approach
The Philips proprietary nSIGHT Imaging architecture introduces a totally new approach to forming ultrasound images without compromise. nSIGHT Imaging incorporates the use of a new precision beamformer along with powerful massive parallel processing. This extraordinary architecture captures an enormous amount of acoustic data and then, unlike conventional systems that form the image line by line, reconstructs in real time optimally focused beams, creating precise resolution at all depths down to the pixel level.

Breaking old rules. Creating new realities.

nSIGHT Imaging breaks the rules of conventional ultrasound to achieve new levels of clinical performance.

Old Rule 1  - You must sacrifice frame rate for image quality
For the first time you can experience both highly detailed ultrasound images and extraordinary temporal resolution and frame rate through virtually perfect beams with fewer transmit operations, breaking the traditional compromise of conventional architectures.

Old Rule 2  - You must critically place a focal zone to achieve the greatest image clarity
Now you can experience superb tissue uniformity all the way up to the skin line without the compromise of conventional transmit focus limitations through dynamic calculation and reconstruction of optimal transmit and receive focusing continually at all depths down to the pixel level.

Old Rule 3  - You can’t escape penetration limitations and sensitivity to weak tissue signals
Visualize extraordinary levels of detail and contrast resolution with exceptional penetration at higher frequencies even on difficult patients through ultra-wide dynamic range and unique beam reconstruction that reinforces exceptional tissue information at greater depths with less noise.

Image quality: the numbers tell the story

Comparing EPIQ 5 to conventional premium systems shows breakthrough advances in imaging performance.

  • Up to 76% increase in penetration (penetration = ability to scan at depths and maintain resolution in order to complete the study)*
  • Up to 160% increase in temporal resolution (ability to maintain resolution at high frame rates

The technically difficult patient is

nSIGHT Imaging strengthens the power of PureWave to image technically difficult patients you see every day. With a complete family of PureWave transducers, your most difficult diagnoses are now easier. PureWave crystal technology represents the biggest breakthrough in piezoelectric transducer material in 40 years. The pure, uniform crystals of PureWave are 85% more efficient than conventional piezoelectric material, resulting in exceptional performance. This technology allows for enhanced penetration in difficult patients and excellent detailed resolution.

EPIQ 5 nSIGHT architecture enhances both the penetration and image quality of PureWave transducers. Bring your most challenging cases to EPIQ 5 with our PureWave solutions from gynecological surveys to OB exams for all gestational ages.

  • New C9-2 transducer is designed for high-frequency OB imaging, especially in the first trimester anomaly scan.
  • C10-3v transducer ideal for challenging fibroid and complex ovarian cases
  • C5-1 transducer suited for the largest abdomens all the way through the third trimester, patients with gestational diabetes, or premature rupture of membranes

Now even easier 

EPIQ Performance 

  • Solutions for technically difficult-to-image patients for every gestational age and for gynecological exams
  • Elastography for breast and uterine applications
  • Most powerful system without compromise available today among leading ultrasound manufacturers


Turn images into answers 

This powerful architecture also supports automation designed to aid your workflow and increase your confidence in one of the most challenging exams – the fetal heart.

Significant addition to the power of elastography
Studies have shown that a combination of sonography and ultrasound elastography, a technique that enables evaluation of relative tissue stiffness, could potentially reduce unnecessary biopsies. EPIQ 5 offers the most sensitive strain elastography solution in the market for both breast and gynecological applications. No additional compression required means increased exam consistency and reproducibility.

Designed to reinvent the user experience 

EPIQ 5 has completely reinvented the premium ultrasound user experience. Ease of use, workflow, and ergonomics … we’ve revolutionized how you interact with an ultrasound system from every standpoint, and kept it beautifully intuitive.

More than 80% of sonographers experience work-related pain, and more than 20% of these suffer a career-ending injury.1 With EPIQ 5 a new tablet like interface results in dramatic reduction in reach and button pushes.

Advanced Workflow
The design of the platform features “walk up usability” meaning that users can perform an exam with minimal training. The system offers the automation to drive efficiency throughout exams with features such as Real Time iSCAN (AutoSCAN), which automatically optimizes gain and TGC continuously to provide optimal images are achieved in 2D, 3D, or 4D.

Library Quiet 
EPIQ 5 is almost silent when running. A noise test determined that EPIQ 5 runs at 37-41 dB, which is equivalent to the sound of a library.

SmartExam decreases exam time by 30-50%, keystrokes by as many as 300/exam, and results in a higher level of consistency among users. It is fast and easy to customize, providing consistent and accurate annotation, automatic mode switching, and missed view alerts to streamline exams. The result is more time to focus on your patients, increased confidence in complete studies, less focus on requirements, less repetitive motion, less stress, and enhanced schedule maintenance and department efficiencies.

Efficient fetal scanning
Ability to create protocols for all trimesters and specialty exams such as trisomy 13 and 21.

Real Time iSCAN
Automatically optimizes gain and TGC to continuously provide an optimal image in 2D, 3D, or 4D.

Active native data
Active native data allows for post-processing of many exam parameters.

Scanning comfort
Multiple degrees of articulation for both the control panel and 21.5-inch (54.6 cm) LCD monitor with 720° of freedom allows for ergonomic alignment for scanning comfort whether sitting or standing.

Amazing fit to your environment
At just 230 lbs. (104.3 kg), EPIQ 5 is lightest in its class and 40% lighter than the heaviest competitive premium system. Place it in sleep mode, and boot up in seconds. Exceeds Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography ergonomics for maneuverability by 76% to easily fit into tight spaces. Wireless* DICOM further aids workflow.

Advanced support services are proactive and predictive

We understand your challenges: uncertain economic times, changing healthcare landscapes, and the impact of healthcare reform. We know that efficient workflows and system uptime are critical success factors in running an effective healthcare business.

Philips is committed to offering innovative solutions to provide you with world-class services that move from reactive to proactive and with predictive service models that provide high system availability and enhanced workflow to help you deliver high-quality patient care.