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Philips CX30 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: Refurbished

Brand: Philips Healthcare

Type: Portable


Manufacture Description:

Philips CX30 

High performance compact ultrasound system

Philis CX30 CompactXtreme 

Philips CX30 CompactXtreme ultrasound system goes wherever you need it, bringing ultrasound excellence to the bedside and beyond. A fully-featured system in a compact package, it combines portability with utility to fit in almost any clinical situation.

Connect up to three imaging transducers to the CX30’s multiport adapter and simply press a button to switch transducers as needed during exams.

The compact size of the CX30 makes it ideal for patients who cannot or should not be transported to the diagnostic lab. You can easily perform abdominal, vascular, OB/Gyn and cardiac studies at the bedside.

Emergency department
The CX30’s performance, portability, and clinical versatility make it an ideal system for emergency departments. The superb image quality helps you make fast and confident diagnoses on even your most difficult patients.

Critical care units
The compact size and maneuverability of the CX30 makes it easy for you to bring ultrasound to your most critically ill patients, without disturbing other technology at the CCU bedside.

Remote locations
The CX30 is ideal for remote locations such as screening events and satellite offices that are supported on a rotational basis. The system packs into a carrying case for easy transport.

Imaging excellence in a compact ultrasound system

The CX30 is built on the same platform as the renowned CX50 system, with a range of transducers to provide high performance imaging anywhere you need it.

Digital broadband beamforming on a compact ultrasound system
The CX30 combines the advanced capabilities of a digital beamformer with the broadband signals produced by Philips high performance transducers. Digital beamforming uses the full range of ultrasound frequencies to produce broad bandwidth of ultrasound signals, and then applies advanced processing techniques to further refine and process the signal. The result is images with enhanced resolution and tissue uniformity, and superb definition of tissue texture, interfaces and structure.

SonoCT and XRES technologies bring a new level of clarity to compact ultrasound
Philips SonoCT is a clinically-proven premium technology that acquires up to nine lines of sight and combines the individual images into one clear, well defined image in real time. SonoCT displays striking levels of tissue differentiation that are virtually free of artifact. Advanced XRES adaptive image processing reduces speckle, haze, and clutter, resulting in images virtually free from noise with extraordinary clarity and edge definition. When SonoCT and XRES work in tandem, even the subtlest of diagnostic features are enhanced.

Enhanced needle visualization
Enhanced needle visualization capabilities on the L12-4 transducer increase confidence in visualization during biopsies, drainages, and delivery of regional anesthesia.

Transducers for head-to-toe clinical applications
The CX30 supports a versatile family of transducers to address your adult and pediatric patient populations, including routine exams and specialty imaging.

  • C9-4v curved array
  • C8-5 curved array
  • C6-2 curved array
  • S8-3 sector array
  • S4-2 sector array
  • L15-7io compact linear array
  • L12-4 linear array
  • D2CWC 2 MHz continuous wave Doppler
  • D5CWC 5 MHz continuous wave Doppler

A workhorse that aids workflow

The CX30 system adapts to your workflow, whether you’re at the bedside, in the ED, peri-OR, or at a remote location. With easy-to-use tools designed for your needs, you’re ready to scan wherever your patients are located.

Breakthrough workflow solutions
The CX30 was designed to make portable exams easy and efficient. With a single button, iSCAN technology automatically samples data for quick optimization for 2D and Doppler performance. The CX30 also incorporates 3D freehand acquisition to allow advanced volume workflow studies.

Controls are logically placed on the CX30 control panel for quick selection and optimization during every exam.

Reduce exam time by up to 50% with SmartExam
SmartExam protocols are easy-to-use customizable guides that help you perform complete studies on every patient. The on-screen menu guides you through the required views for a specific exam type, automatically enters annotation, and builds your report. Save time, reduce repeated moves, and increase efficiency and consistency of exams.

Compact ultrasound designed for your environment
The CX30 system features a high resolution monitor for exceptional viewing in difficult portable environments, and fast system start-up allows you to quickly begin your studies. Wireless and wired DICOM allow flexibility when connecting to your PACS. You can also export your data by DVD and USB media with integrated DICOM viewer.

Fine-tune exams with active native data
The CX30 system stores active native acoustic data giving you the ability to adjust all scanning parameters on single images, clips or stored 2D and Doppler data. Images can be readjusted during or after the exam, enhancing diagnostic details, allowing for reduced exam times, and reducing the need for repeat studies.

Expand diagnostic information with QLAB quantification software
The CX30 offers assessment and analysis capabilities with QLAB’s clinically proven plug-ins.

  • GI 3D quantification—GI 3DQ
  • Region of interest—ROI
  • Intima media thickness evaluation—IMT
  • 2D Quantification – 2DQ

A wide range of portability options

Take the CX30 where you need it—throughout the hospital and to remote sites. With its cart, travel case and hand-carry portability options, you have the freedom to scan everywhere.

On cart
The CX30 cart allows for easy mobility and effortless maneuverability throughout the hospital. The system and cart are combined ergonomically into one unit that is slim, lightweight and height-adjustable. It can be swiveled and locked so you are set up quickly everywhere you need premium performance. It’s the solution for your patient exams in confined areas, such as the CCU and bedside.

Hand carry
For situations that call for the ultimate in portability, the CX30 is a fully functional laptop-sized ultrasound system with an integrated handle for easy carrying. Now you can navigate with a new level of utility, and take ultrasound excellence where fast responses are needed. 

Remote travel
The CX30 system is the ideal solution for multiple-site support. With its convenient travel case, you can easily take the CX30 to distant clinical locations. Now clinical staff can support satellite offices, screening events, and mobile services with exceptional imaging.