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Philips ClearVue 850 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: New & Refurbished

Brand: Philips Healthcare

Type: Cart Based


Manufacture Description:

Philips ClearVue 850

Your versatile performer to depend on
Philips ClearVue ultrasound family for women’s health care

Over 70 countries
More than 5,000 systems
Touching 25 million lives every year
For one versatile family

Dependability across all types of scanning

The Philips ClearVue ultrasound family brings together the advances that ultrasound professionals all over the world have said that they would most like to see in a high-value system. ClearVue is built from the ground up to deliver what’s important to you and your patients.

Reliable from the start

The sleek yet rugged design is built for the dependability that is essential in challenging environments. ClearVue performs for you day after day.

The versatility your day demands

The ClearVue family offers workflow enhancements and a range of capabilities, including Active Array technology for superb quality in Ob/Gyn imaging.

Performance from the inside out

Every member of the ClearVue family shares an advanced processing platform for high volume rates in real-time scanning for excellent image quality. With significant advances in software, hardware, and applications compared to previous ClearVue generations, the ClearVue family is now more hardworking than ever.

Scalable to protect your investment

Not only is ClearVue easy to learn and use because of its intuitive interface for scanning, but it is also easily upgradeable with additional clinical features and transducers to allow your system to evolve with you over time.

Keeps you steps ahead

ClearVue grows with you, protecting your investment. As your needs evolve, you can upgrade to new clinical capabilities with ease.

ClearVue clinical excellence

ClearVue offers excellent Ob/Gyn imaging. Expect quality images with
the speed and precision gained from years of Philips ultrasound innovation.

Find your ClearVue

The ClearVue family has something for everyone

ClearVue 850 Advanced capability, quantification, and ergonomics

Selected Features: 

  • Ergonomically advanced console for user height adjustment and comfort
  • Monitor tilt and swivel
  • Monitor articulating arm
  • XRES to reduce speckle noise artifacts, enhancing margin definition and image quality
  • SonoCT offers enhanced visibility of curved structures and irregular borders
  • Pulse inversion harmonics provide pure broadband harmonic signals
  • One-button iSCAN streamlines workflow
  • AutoSCAN automatically identifies tissue type and continuously adjusts image gain
  • 3D/4D for visualization and analysis of volume data
  • Curved ROI for OB imaging
  • iSlice for quick volumetric display
  • Strain elastography to evaluate tissue stiffness
  • FloVue advanced imaging mode for direct visualization of blood flow in vasculature
  • Intima media thickness (IMT) imaging to automate measurement

Advanced technologies: 

  • Active Array for superb image quality
  • Broadband beamforming differentiates tissue across multiple patient types
  • Tissue harmonic imaging reduces artifacts while preserving tissue definition and resolution

3D/4D made easy

With ClearVue, 3D volume renditions and dynamic 4D displays are presented with incredible image quality and detail resolution.

  • Philips proprietary Auto Face Reveal feature is an automatic segmentation method for sculpting away overlaying tissues and noise in front of a fetal face in an acquired 3D/4D volume by detecting a sphere for the skull.
  • Fetal STIC captures multiple volumes and synchronizes them based on a calculated heart rate; resulting volume image can be displayed in user-selectable views and interrogated in real time for more complete evaluation of fetal heart anatomy and function
  • iSlice tools for viewing and measuring different planes of a 3D volume
  • Curved ROI: 3D editing tools allows user to set ROI top edge in the form of a curve in either 3D Preview/Render

Bring ease to your day

Every ClearVue system is light and compact, so you can easily maneuver it, with a smart, modular design for reliability and easy serviceability.

Trust in the Philips ultrasound legacy
We’ve created an innovative portfolio of ultrasound products by striving for change that improves and simplifies the lives of patients and healthcare providers worldwide. The ClearVue family with leading-edge technology and an intuitive design allows for quality healthcare that is now more accessible and affordable from a brand you can trust.