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Mindray TE7 Ultrasound system

Product Highlights:

Condition: New, Demo, Refurbished

Brand: Mindray

Type: Tablet

Application: MSK, Vascular, General

Mindray TE7 Ultrasound System

Cutting-edge and intuitive design setting new standards in point-of-care ultrasound

Touch enabled and superior image quality for rapid, confident decisions

The TE7 ultrasound system is designed to provide superior imaging quality for rapid, confident clinical decisions at the bedside. Intuitive touchscreen gesture controls and focused point-of-care exam presets minimize the learning curve and eliminate the need to navigate a knob-cluttered keyboard. Simply select a focused preset and relevant functions become accessible on the top screen. A rich application suite and a user-friendly ergonomic profile make the TE7 system an excellent choice for the required versatility and demand of the fast paced, point-of-care environment.

With elegant design and ease-of-use across a wide range of clinical applications, the TE7 system is truly innovation at your fingertips 

The TE7 system realizes the benefits of workflow efficiency while providing superior imaging for rapid bedside assessment. User friendly features, such as a 3-second boot-up from standby, swift touch response of settings, and fingertip controlled measurements streamline workflow in a point-of-care setting.  Equipped with efficient features including iNeedle™, iZoom™, and iTouch™, the TE7 system offers rapid diagnostic confidence for improved patient care.

iNeedle™ Optimal needle visualization Advanced needle visualization allows increased needle visibility even during steep-angled procedures, while maintaining superior image quality. Improved confirmation of needle location minimizes disruption to surrounding tissue.

iTouch™ One touch image optimization iTouch automatically adjusts images in B-mode, color, and PW mode. iTouch on Doppler images automatically detects the optimal color box position and angle, along with optimal alignment of PW sample volume position and angle.

Data Management Efficiently archive, review and transfer reports The 120 GB solid state hard drive in the TE7 system not only manages large amounts of data, but also facilitates efficient image archive and review. Wired or wireless communication technology may be used for seamless integration with PACS or to transfer reports to EMR, USB or PC.

Complete family of transducers

The superior image quality, intuitive touch interface, and simplified workflow of the TE7 system provide diagnostic confidence for emergency medicine, anesthesia, pain management, critical care, and musculoskeletal bedside examinations. A full suite of transducers (2-20 MHz) for a wide variety of applications supports targeted exams for rapid assessment.