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Mindray Imagyn i9 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

• Premium OBGYN System That Competes With Voluson E6, E8 and E10
• ZONE Sonography® Technology+ (ZST+)
• Leveraging Al-enhanced technologies
• Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty (on new only)

Condition: New, Demo

Brand: Mindray

Type: Cart Based

Application: OB/GYN, 4D, Shared Services


Mindray Imagyn I9 - Ultrasound Elevated

Breaking the mold of conventional ultrasound systems and bringing usability and ergonomics into the limelight, the Imagyn I9 Ultrasound System provides an entirely new experience driven by innovation. The system features innovative design elements such as an intelligent iConsole control panel, customizable E-Ink keys, and a fully free-floating user interface to help minimize fatigue during scans. The Imagyn I9 Ultrasound System features a modular design for convenient serviceability, a two-hour continuous scanning battery, and a quiet operating experience.

Powered by Mindray’s revolutionary ZONE Sonography® Technology+ (ZST+), the Imagyn I9 System boasts advanced ultrasound capabilities that provide a harmonic balance of resolution and tissue uniformity. With an extensive suite of artificial intelligence (Al)-enhanced technologies, the system improves reproducibility, optimizes productivity, and increases consistency for end-users.

Leveraging Al-enhanced technologies, the Imagyn I9 System starts the process using auto clinical scenario identification, and uses automation at every point, from imaging optimization to planes acquisition, quantification, and creating an automated workflow. The Imagyn I9 System provides a full-stack smart solution for efficient women’s health, covering wide-ranging applications from pre-pregnancy to obstetric to post-partum.

System features - 

Smart Face
Fetal Face Optimization
Provides one-touch intelligent optimization of a fetal face and enhances workflow by automatically removing obstructions anterior to the fetal face, decreasing operator dependence and exam time.

Smart Pelvic
Pelvic Floor Measurements
Enables users to quickly obtain 2D/3D automated GYN measurements of the pelvic floor by setting up a baseline and tracing the border of Levator Hiatus automatically.

Smart Planes CNS
Automatic Plane Detection
Provides a robust and user-friendly AI-enabled solution to automatically detect anatomy and calculate standard measurements of the central nervous system(CNS) with one-touch.

Smart ICV
Automated Intra-cranial Volume
Enables auto fetal brain segmentation and realizes fully automatic measurement for fetal intra-cranial volume studies. With minimum user manipulation, Smart ICV offers extremely smart and efficient measurements with greater reproducibility.

System Overview
23.8” LED monitor with high-resolution display
15.6” HD intuitive touchscreen with fully-adjustable floating control panel
Battery supports up to 2-hours continuous scanning
Elevated transducer ports for comfortable connecting
Dual-screen for simultaneous display

Mindray Imagyn I9 Ultrasound Transducers and Probes

Mindray SC6-1s Single Crystal Convex Transducer
Applications: OB/GYN
Bandwidth: 1.2 - 6 MHz
FOV: 60°
Convex radius: 60 mm
Biopsy guide: NGB-022, multi-angle, reusable

Mindray V11-3Hs Endocavity Ultrasound Transducer Probe
Applications: OB/GYN
Bandwidth: 3.0 – 11.0 MHz
FOV: 170°
Convex radius: 11 mm
Biopsy guide: NGB-025, single-angle, reusable

Mindray SC8-2s Single Crystal Convex Ultrasound Transducer
Applications: OB/GYN
Bandwidth: 1.8 – 8.2 MHz
FOV: 76°
Convex radius: 40 mm
Biopsy guide: NGB-029, multi-angle, reusable

Mindray SD8-1s Single Crystal Volume Ultrasound Transducer
Applications: OB/GYN
Bandwidth: 1.8 – 8.2 MHz
FOV: (max): 66° (B) x 85° (sweep)
Convex radius: 45 mm
Biopsy guide: NGB-039, multi-angle, reusable

Mindray C6-2Gs Convex Ultrasound Transducer
Applications: OB/GYN
Bandwidth: 1.2 – 6.0 MHz
FOV: 94°
Convex radius: 20 mm
Biopsy guide: NGB-024, multi-angle, reusable

Mindray DE11-3Ws Endocavity Volume Transducer Probe
Applications: OB/GYN
Bandwidth: 2.0 – 9.0 MHz
FOV: (max): 162° (B) x 120° (sweep)
Extended FOV: 187°
Convex radius: 10 mm
Biopsy guide: NGB-047, single-angle, reusable

Mindray L14-3Ws Linear Ultrasound Transducer
Applications: Small Parts, Breast
Bandwidth: 3.0 – 14.0 MHz
FOV: 50.8 mm
Biopsy guide: NGB-054, multi-angle, reusable