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Konica Minolta Sonimage HS1 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: New

Brand: Konica Minolta

Type: Portable


Manufacture Description:

Konica Minolta Sonimage HS1

Giving Shape to Ideas

Hand-Carried Ultrasound designed for you

The SONIMAGE HS1 is a Point-of-Care portable ultrasound system designed to support a wide range of applications and patient types. The system delivers an advanced technologies to ensure excellent image quality and efficient workflow.

Imaging Performance
Konica Minolta's advanced technology features allow improved image detail and contrast resolution that provide precision diagnosis and better patient outcomes.

Workflow Efficiency
Simple console and intuitive touch screen increase flexibility for different user preferences and workflow situations

Hand-Carried Ultrasound you invest realizes not only increasing throughput also accessing to advanced imaging technologies


Enhanced Clarity
The L18-4 probe provides exceptional image quality with an advanced level of Tissue Harmonics "Triad-THI", and it is particularly ideal for superficial.

Increased Confidence
Simple Needle Visualization (SNV) improves detection of the needle tip in both in-plane and out-plane approaches. Also, a new function "Auto Steer" automatically detects the insertion of the needle and adjust the beam accordingly.

More Precise
Simple Clear Flow provides increased detection of low velocities, resulting in increased diagnostic confidence.

It enables to change depth up to 1cm without any image deterioration.


Streamlined console
Designed based on Voice of Customers

The console has been streamlined to include only the eight most frequently used keys. The result is improved workflow efficiency.

Intuitive operation
Customizable touchscreen and layout

HS1 has been optimized to facilitate superior workflow. Customizable touchscreen display allows you to suite your personal preference and provide you with one-button to access major imaging mode and function.

Increase throughput
Full Screen viewing to make a procedure easy

It enables to change up to 133% bigger image area and observe the images from some distance. Since you could place the system to the opposite side of the patient bed, you might be able to take some procedure without taking your eyes off.


Exceptional blood flow sensitivity
SCF (Simple Clear Flow) provides increased detection of low velocities, reducing in increased diagnostic confidence.

Exceptional cardiac imaging
Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI) displays the speed of cardiac muscle motion in color and/or over a period of time. This allows for the ability to evaluate multiple structures and segments in a single view.

Auto IMT measurement
Auto IMT (intima-medial thickness) calculation is an advanced quantification application to assess arterial health. This non-invasive method to evaluate cardiovascular risk contains an IMT measurement calculates a Vascular Age and Framingham Risk Factors.

RA workflow
Konica Minolta's unique RA solution works because it was built by rheumatologists just for you. It is designed to custom fit your workflow and improves throughput by performing RA scanning without touching any buttons.

Strain Elastography
This is a unique real-time qualitative imaging method that calculates and displays the relative stiffness of tissue. It also provides further clinical information for assessment of superficial lesions

    Probe & Specifications 

      High frequency linear probe

      Linear probe

      Linear Probe

      Linear probe

      High frequency linear probe

      Convex probe

      Micro-convex probe

      Endo-cavity probe

      Sector probe


      • Scan Method: Convex, Linear, Sector
      • Monitor: 15-inch IPS monitor
      • Dimension: W 369mm x D 452mm x H 90mm (when folding the monitor)
      • Power Input: AC100V, 50/60Hz, max. 180VA (when using AC adopter)
      • Weight: 7.8kg ± 10% (System only and including battery)