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GE Voluson S8 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

• 23-inch widescreen LED monitor
• Four active probe ports
• HDlive™ technology for 3D and 4D imaging
• Automated technologies

Condition: New, Refurbished

Brand: GE Healthcare

Type: Cart Based

Application: 3D/4D, OBGYN

 Manufacture Description:

GE Voluson S8 - Extraordinary Vision


Busy women’s healthcare practices face two facts: Time is always a limitation and ultrasound is a key imaging tool. The quality and speed of your ultrasound exams plays a major role in your workflow efficiency and patient outcomes.

The VolusonS8 system, from GE Healthcare, is designed to help streamline imaging procedures – from the intuitive user interface to the built-in automation and advanced software tools, the Voluson S8 helps you reduce time spent on image acquisition, analysis, and reporting to help you make the most of every day and every exam.

Unique demands. Tailored answers.

No woman is created equal. From conception to pregnancy, pre-puberty to post menopause, you require an ultrasound that offers clinical excellence, effortlessly.

Built on the foundational Voluson Core Architecture, the Voluson S8’s power comes from a seamless synergy between probes and platform. The result is excellent image quality, quickly, easily – without the need to spend time adjusting the controls.

  • Clinical confidence results from superb 2D and 3D image quality optimized for clarity and detail
  • Quickly assess vascular anatomy and functions with advanced color Doppler
  • Achieve the penetration needed for all exam and body types
  • Experience exceptional anatomical realism with HDlivetechnology for 3D and 4D imaging

The right probe for every exam.

Choose from a wide range of advanced, lightweight 2D and 3D probes that deliver outstanding image quality regardless of patient or exam type. Just place the probe and scan.

  • C1-5-RS abdominal probe for excellent image quality and penetration even when scanning larger patients
  • RAB6-RS ultra-light volume probe that is 40% lighter than the previous version
  • RIC5-9A-RS wide band convex volume probe for first trimester and gynecological exams
  • IC9-RS endovaginal probe for outstanding 2D gynecology and fetal imaging
  • ML6-15-RS linear probe with matrix technology for breast imaging

The Voluson S8 system provides versatile probes and exceptional imaging performance you need to meet your clinical challenges.

Maximize your time

In a busy practice, the pace is unrelenting. The Voluson S8 helps you move through your day with greater efficiency while also enhancing the quality of imaging exams.

Voluson’s Automated technologies help reduce keystrokes while enhancing measurement consistency and reproducibility:

  • Semi-automated biometry measurements seamlessly fit into your 2D workflow using SonoBiometry for BPD, HC, AC, FL and HL
  • Standardize measurements of the nuchal and intracranial translucencies in the 1st trimester exam by integrating SonoNT (Sonography-based Nuchal Translucency) and SonoIT (Sonography-based Intracranial Translucency) into your regular workflow
  • Simplify 3D/4D acquisitions using SonoRenderlive – which automatically adjusts renderline placement during volume acquisition

Advanced ergonomics, for comfort and productivity

The Voluson S8 system is designed for user comfort and efficiency, with features that simplify exams and boost workflow. The simple user interface and ergonomic body style awards fewer keystrokes between you and the answers you seek.

  • 23-inch widescreen LED monitor – with customizable layout delivers 85% more image information than our previous Signature Series monitor
  • Report preview – provides access to completed measurements and trending at a glance
  • Adaptive control panel – swivels side to side, and adjusts to your preferred height to enhance user comfort and ergonomics
  • Four active probe ports – reduce exam disruptions with more probes ready to go
  • Battery Pack – provides up to 20 minutes of scan time or move from one room to another without experiencing power loss or having to re-boot
  • Integrated video and voice recording with DVR/USB streamlines exam recording