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GE Vivid T8 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

• Hybrid cardiovascular ultrasound system
• Mid-range Vivid series system
• Low cost of ownership

Condition: New, Refurbished

Brand: GE Healthcare

Type: Cart Based

Application: Cardiology, Shared Services

Manufacture Description:

GE VIVID T8 -Cardiac and shared services.

Together like never before from GE.

The VividT8 combines the established cardiac imaging capabilities of GE Vivid systems with exceptional shared services performance of the LOGIQsystems. The result is a truly hybrid cardiovascular ultrasound system that is rugged, reliable, robust, and rich with features, yet still affordable and convenient to use.

And, with three years standard warranty, the Vivid T8 system is designed to help enhance the total value of ownership.

Scan with convenience.

The Vivid T8 is designed to be easy to operate and transport in many indoor environments. Its intuitive user interface is a true Vivid console, with Vivid applications, features, workflow, and reliability, simplified for ease of use.

  • Intuitive control layout includes the touch screen, rotary dials, patient management buttons and all Mode buttons conveniently grouped together near the trackball.
  • Scan Coach – Providing reminder/refresh information with graphic of probe position, schematic of anatomy and reference clinical image.
  • Ready-to-go mobility – thanks to the light, 58-kilogram (128 pounds) weight, durable casters, and push handles front and back—makes the Vivid T8 easy to push and roll on tiled or carpeted floors.
  • Smart Standby – In case of accidental shutdown or power failure, or just when you are moving the scanner to another room, the system automatically saves data and the system turns into “Standby” mode. When the power is restored, the system automatically turns on instantly, maintaining the exact system state prior to shutdown.
  • Ample transducer capacity provides four RS transducer ports and four standard transducer holders, plus two optional ones.
  • Very low use error even after repeated normal power-on/off cycles, forced power-off cycles, and transducer removals and insertions.

Leverage Vivid cardiac IQ and functionality.

A feature-rich system with established Vivid software, the T8 boosts its cardiac imaging capabilities with advanced quantitative tools.

  • Tissue Velocity Imaging captures dynamic information from moving heart tissue to quantify left ventricular function.
  • AutoEF1 automatically assesses left ventricular ejection fraction using an automated, speckle-tracking ROI tool.
  • SmartStress1 automatically adjusts settings to help enhance workflow, reproducibility, and diagnostic confidence.
  • Automated Function Imaging1 assesses and quantifies left ventricular wall motion at rest, and calculates parameters to describe left ventricular wall function.
  • Tissue Tracking/Tissue Synchronization Imaging1 enhances images for assessing delayed cardiac wall motion.
  • Strain /Strain Rate Imaging1 helps enhance visual and quantitative recognition of dysfunctioning myocardial segments to help in evaluating regional systolic function in ischemic heart disease.
  • Complete cardiac transducer selection includes 3Sc-RS, 6S-RS, 6Tc-RS, 9T-RS, 12S-RS and P2D-RS transducers.

Share services freely.

The flexible Vivid T8 delivers exceptional shared service image quality, with options to customize the system to your facility’s needs.

  • Auto IMT1 provides automatic edge detection for intima-media thickness and auto-completes required measurements.
  • Virtual Convex1 extends the field of view when using linear transducers.
  • LOGIQView1 increases the field of view to image large organs that typically can’t be seen in a single image.
  • B-Flow1 provides advanced spatial and temporal resolution to help assess blood flow and vessel wall structure without the limitations of Doppler.
  • Blood Flow Imaging1 helps enhance visualization of blood flow dynamics using a unique signal-processing algorithm.
  • Versatile shared service transducer selection1 includes 4C-RS, 8C-RS, E8C-RS, L8-18i-RS, 12L-RS and L6-12-RS transducers.