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GE Vivid S5 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

• Similar To Vivid S6 with lower price point and lacking higher end features
• Easy to move, compact design
• Excellent image quality
• Advanced connectivity & productivity tools

Condition: New, Refurbished

Brand: GE Healthcare

Type: Cart Based

Application: Cardiology, Vascular, 4D

Manufacture Description:

GE VIVID S5 - Cardiovascular ultrasound system


It’s a new design concept – one that leverages our miniaturization expertise gained from the Vivid i and our performance expertise of the console Vivid 7. The versatile Vivid S5 fits in a variety of clinical settings to deliver a strong performance and valuable diagnostic solutions.

At the heart of the VividS5 system is the high image quality and broad range of features that GE is known for. Add to that a boost of newly developed functions and innovative ergonomic design, and you’ve got a system that’s ready to serve a wide range of clinical users.

Now, everyone can benefit from an ultrasound system that fits even the smaller spaces and budgets. We think that’s really big.

Anatomical M-Mode

The Anatomical M-Mode option allows correct measurements in non-standard planes.

LVO Contrast*

Get enhanced visualization of the LV border for diagnosing abnormalities — plus wall-motion analysis and ejection fraction calculations.


Automatic Tissue and Automatic Spectrum Optimization are well within reach with the touch of a button.

IMT Measurement

Dramatically reduce the time and improve the accuracy of the carotid artery’s intima-media thickness measurements with IMT measuring technology.


Our Stress package takes the stress out of stress echo.

Smart Depth

By adding Smart Depth in 2D and Color mode, the Vivid S5 automatically changes the frequency, focus position and transmit pattern as the user changes depth. This ensures the highest resolution at shallow depths and optimal penetration at greater depths. Vital for scanning children, it helps newer staff see better results and expert operators save time — increasing standardization among users.

Bring your patients into focus.

Advanced cardiac performance and broad shared-service capabilities — including vascular, abdominal, pediatric/fetal and OB — allow you to concentrate more on the patient and less on the system.

Advanced features come standard

Your image quality remains protected with our raw-data storage. EchoPACPC allows instant access to ultrasound raw data provided by the Vivid S5 for comprehensive review, analysis and post-processing capabilities. Also through enhanced connectivity and media support, data is shared more smoothly within networks. The “Flex” key, next to the trackball on the keyboard, can be assigned to assume the function of more distant keys, for minimal effort, increased speed, and ease of use. A standby power mode battery and multiple probe options add to the Vivid S5’s usability.

At your convenience.

Fits in tight spaces with the performance you’d expect from a larger console. Vivid S5 puts you in a very comfortable position.

The new ergonomic design of the Vivid S5 reduces fatigue and discomfort, while increasing efficiency and well-being. Our “Flex-Fit” mechanism (up and in, down and out) enables continuous pivoting height adjustment of the control panel, while keeping optimal distance from the user and leaving just the right legroom for standing or sitting positions. And the horizontally swiveling keyboard is always within easy reach for quick operation.

The low weight and size and fold-down mechanism of the display allow easy movability. With its greater mobility and innovative design, the Vivid S5 supports improved health for both patients and staff. That’s a nice place to be in.