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GE Vivid q Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

• HD-Flow™
• Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) and CrossXBeamCRI™
• High Definition Zoom
• Optional Cart

Condition: New, Refurbished

Brand: GE Healthcare

Type: Portable

Application: 3D/4D, OBGYN

 Manufacture Description:

GE Vivid Q -Cardiovascular ultrasound system

Vivid q, a new advance in portable echocardiography, extends the reach of medical professionals to diagnose cardiovascular anatomy and LV function by adding more quantitative tools and pushing the boundaries to the highest levels of image quality. The Vivid q provides great accuracy and diagnostic confidence – while increasing your productivity.

Compact without compromise.

Vivid q builds on the many innovative features and technologies of the Vivid with even more performance and new quantitative analysis tools.

  • The Vivid q features a host of new image quality enhancements migrated from the Vivid 7 including the M4S-RS transducer. The matrix probe technology with the M4S-RS transducer allows electronic beam focusing in three dimensions, enabling higher image quality levels.
  • Auto EF, a new automated ejection fraction measurement program designed specifically for the Vivid q, along with the Automated Function Imaging (AFI) feature that has been migrated from Vivid 7, enhance decision support with quantitative information of global and regional function that increases your diagnostic confidence.
  • Tissue Synchronization Imaging (TSI) including quantitative analysis represents a parametric imaging mode which empowers physicians’ eyes to see quantitative information in moving two-dimensional images.
  • Intracardiac Echo (ICE) imaging catheters open new application and care areas for your ultrasound systems.
  • Sixteen probes further expand Vivid q‘s range of applications.
  • Additional advanced quantitative analysis tools can be accessed right on the system, with the full EchoPAC™ toolkit available on the workstation so you can optimize workflow to match your real needs.

Exceptional images. Advanced quantification. Streamlined workflow. Vivid q takes you anywhere you want to go.

Its image quality and quantification are huge.

Raw data image quality – now with matrix array imaging – one of the most advanced probe technologies available. Parametric imaging and quantification of global and regional function for more confident clinical decisions. No other compact portable ultrasound system puts it all together like Vivid q.

Vivid q lets you assess LV function and cardiac performance with exceptional clarity and accuracy. Improve clinical confidence in complex invasive procedures. And optimize image settings across all procedures and users.