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GE Vivid e Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: Refurbished

Brand: GE Healthcare

Type: Portable


Manufacture Description:

GE Vivid e 

Cardiovascular Ultrasound Machine

Higher performance quality. Lower capital investment.

Yes, it’s true. Now you can get great imaging in a solution that’s still economical. All in a smart ultrasound system that goes where you need it. That’s the real beauty of Vivid e.

Remarkable. Portable. Affordable.

By delivering high quality in an affordable solution, Vivid e makes
choosing a portable system as easy as using it. With complete
cardiac functionality built on TruScan architecture, you can use
Vivid e as either a primary or secondary diagnostic system. And
through its full shared-service capabilities, both vascular and
abdominal imaging are available too.

Stress testing made easy.

As a member of the GE Vivid family, a number of significant features have migrated from the Vivid 7, such as a new stress echo package, allowing you to bring stress testing right into your office. By extending our offering of cardiovascular support, like new reporting tools, this is the system that fits all of your needs.

Through improved productivity and efficiency, we’ve made the Vivid e more valuable than ever.

Get Dynamic Images of your patients

TruScan delivers image quality you can depend on.
Our TruScan architecture, with raw data acquisition, results in exceptional images that can then be viewed, measured, optimized and analyzed without losing any of the original image quality.

Focusing on precise imaging.
The new dual focus for cardiac applications, and the new range focus for vascular and abdominal imaging, strengthen the quality of both applications even further.

Compound imaging produces a brilliant combination.
With the inclusion of compound imaging, multiple co-planar images from different angles are combined into a single, real-time image. You get improved border definition and contrast resolution, plus reduced angular dependence of edges.

With Speckle Reduce Imaging, the difference is clear.
Our new feature to remove speckle – Speckle Reduce Imaging – examines the relative difference between neighboring pixel values, determining whether the gray-scale variations have a sharp difference or are random. The outcome is purely dynamic homogenous images.

New features add even more value.

A variety of support features add value through increased productivity – all in an ultrasound system that’s right for you and your budget.

Enhanced transducer support completes your ultrasound system.
• As a total cardiovascular or shared-service ultrasound system, the Vivid e supports all of your transducer requirements.
• Vivid e transducers include a P2D continuous wave Doppler transducer to support ICAEL standards, inter-operative, adult cardiac, linear array, and abdominal transducers.

Migrated Vivid 7 features improve work performance.
• By migrating elements from our Vivid 7 system, including the new stress echo package and advanced reporting tools, your system saves staff time and effort.
• The anatomical M-mode can be adjusted at any plane to simplify positioning and speed up exams.
• You can also store your exams onto removable media for PC viewing with MPEGvue.

Productivity tools smooth out your workflow.
• Watch productivity increase with an integrated patient management system that uses raw data image capabilities and organized comprehensive measurements.
• Our automatic image optimization – in 2D and tissue-spectral Doppler imaging – is easy to use and more efficient.
• The new Auto TGC reduces the number of image manipulations through optimized scanning.
• A comprehensive set of DICOM functions improves communication with servers and printers through smoother connectivity.
• Excellent image quality is now within reach of more clinicians. Let the Vivid e system from GE Healthcare bring all the benefits of ultrasound to you, in one compact system.

Optional equipment to enhance your system.

Our optional docking cart quickly converts your compact, 10 lb. device into a console configuration. Three transducer connectors provide easy access, and the height-adjustable cart makes viewing more comfortable and convenient. Other options include an additional 17" monitor positioned above the Vivid e to assist with group viewing, and external loud speakers that improve sound quality. An integrated USB and 6-socket power strip are also available.