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GE Logiq P6 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

• Midrange shared service ultrasound machine
• Offers higher end features compared to the Logiq P5

Condition: New, Refurbished

Brand: GE Healthcare

Type: Cart Based

Application: Shared Service, Cardiovascular

Manufacture Description:

GE LOGIQ P6 - Performance within reach.

Achieve certainty across more applications.

You need high-quality images every time you scan, no matter where you are. Now you can achieve clinical confidence with a system that’s small enough to go almost anywhere yet strong enough to give you the exceptional imaging you need.

Introducing LOGIQ® P6. Its combination of performance and versatility enables you to meet the needs of patients across multiple clinical settings. With advanced detail resolution and color flow, you can easily distinguish between cystic and solid lesions, especially in small areas like the thyroid, breast and ovary. And the increased detail and contrast resolution help identify even the most challenging pathologies. These capabilities help to optimize your ability for earlier diagnosis.

Whether it’s visualizing vessels that have multiple velocities or minute vessels in the kidney, LOGIQ P6 makes it easy for you to scan patients from the NICU to geriatrics. And with raw data capability, you can do your post processing analysis later, minimizing your interaction time with fragile patients.

Finally, there’s an ultrasound system that empowers you with certainty wherever you need to go and no matter who you need to scan.

Capture images with clarity.

It’s simple. A clear image leads to the most confident decision. That’s why LOGIQ P6 is designed using innovative leadership technologies from GE Healthcare. Starting with an enhanced beam former for deeper penetration, higher resolution and better color flow sensitivity, you’ll find these advancements in imaging and more:

Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI). Heighten your visibility of organs and lesions with high-definition contrast resolution that suppresses speckle artifact while maintaining true tissue architecture.

CrossXBeam. Enhance tissue and border differentiation with a real-time spatial compounding acquisition and processing.

Real-time 4D Imaging. Acquire and construct volumetric images, displaying multi planer views of the anatomy. See anatomical relationships not visualized otherwise.

DualBeam. Maintain high frame rates while using high line density, even in abnormal settings. Increase temporal resolution in fast-flow cardiac and vascular studies.

Harmonics. Increase resolution and cystic clarity with a combination of coded harmonics and Phase Inversion Harmonics.

Maximize efficiency with portability.

LOGIQ P6 was designed with you in mind as you travel from room to room and floor to floor, scanning bedside and sometimes in challenging spaces. At any given moment, you need to be prepared for any patient. Simply put, you need portability for productivity. And the new LOGIQ P6 delivers both.

With its surprisingly light weight and small footprint, LOGIQ P6 moves with ease. And the substantial monitor is on an articulating arm making it effortless for you to glide the screen into the position that’s best for you, which makes a big difference in minimizing eye strain after a long day of viewing.