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Canon Aplio 300 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: New & Refurbished

Brand: Canon

Type: Cart Based


Manufacture Description:

Canon Aplio 300

Better outcomes from detection to treatment

Personalized productivity

For advanced performance you can rely on day after day, look no further than Aplio™ 300. Cost-effective, productive and versatile, the system offers superior imaging with outstanding depth and detail for the widest range of clinical specialties. Lighter and with a smaller footprint, Aplio 300 is designed to increase mobility, to optimize viewing, and to provide you with an ergonomic workplace.

Aplio’s unique core technologies provide an unmatched level of clinical precision, departmental productivity and ease of use, allowing you to get your diagnosis quicker and with higher confidence.

 High Density Beamforming
 High Density Rendering
 Realtime Application
 iStyle+ Productivity

Superior imaging performance is one of the key reasons that make Aplio one of today’s most popular premium diagnostic ultrasound systems. A full range of clinically proven tools offers uncompromised image quality. A host of advanced imaging and quantification functions ensures that you can make the best informed disease management decisions.

Enjoy the perfect picture every day

The best image quality allows a diagnosis to happen quickly and with confidence. Each of Aplio’s unique imaging technologies provides you with better image quality by reducing noise, strengthening signal and improving visualization. The system’s revolutionary High Density Beamformer uses the most advanced digital signal processing to control the ultrasonic beams more precisely and flexibly.

Outstanding diagnostics starts here

Designed to increase efficiency, our lightweight transducers feature outstanding clinical versatility, ergonomic shapes and thin, super-flexible cables. Aplio’s transducers deliver superb image quality and respond with high flexibility to the widest range of clinical applications.

Precision Imaging delivers outstandingly smooth images with significantly sharpened outline of lesions. From widespread areas to fine details in layers and boundaries Precision Imaging reveals more clinical detail for a faster and safer diagnosis.

ApliPure™+ combines the advantages of spatial and frequency compounding to provide you with images of unsurpassed uniformity and detail while preserving clinically significant markers such as shadows behind echo-dense objects.

Differential Tissue Harmonics provides clinical images of unsurpassed spatial resolution and contrast, alongside with greatly increased penetration, taking outstanding tissue definition to deeper regions than ever before.

Advanced Dynamic Flow™ adds superior spatial resolution to color Doppler imaging to reveal minute vasculature and complex flow patterns with unprecedented accuracy and detail while fully maintaining the B-mode image quality.

Color Power Angio combines the sensitivity and penetration of power Doppler with the directional information of color Doppler into one precise procedure, allowing you to determine tissue perfusion more accurately, especially at greater depth.

Aplio offers outstanding image quality and a complete range of dedicated transducers for high-frequency MSK applications. BEAM technology provides a clearer visualization of biopsy needles without the need to select the optimal scan angle.

A new dimension of imaging

Aplio’s comprehensive 3D/4D volume imaging suite extends your diagnostic capabilities into the next dimension of imaging and intervention by providing accurate renderings and arbitrary volume cuts in realtime or offline. Aplio’s new High Density Volume Rendering Engine gives you extraordinary image quality at high volume rates for uncompromised workflow and clinical result.

Luminance provides a softer, more natural visualization of the skin resulting in images of exceptional quality and detail. The function’s freely movable light source gives you strong visual feedback on depth and detail.

Aplio’s MPR function allows you to review a region of interest simultaneously in three orthogonal planes accompanied by a surface rendering or box volume image to help you better understand anatomical relationships or the extent of a given lesion.

MultiView allows you to generate a series of cross sections of a given volume to improve the assessment of lesions and their associated structures. MultiView allows cutting volumes in any direction to reveal high-resolution off-axis views that can further enhance your diagnostic confidence.

Aplio’s Smart 3D option makes volumetric imaging easy and efficient – without the need for a dedicated 3D transducer. Smart 3D is compatible with all standard linear and convex transducers and supports multiple imaging modes including black-and-white imaging, color and power Doppler, ADF, SMI CEUS and shear wave elastography imaging.

Advanced tools to help you better evaluate disease

Powered by the industry’s most advanced Realtime Application Platform, Aplio 300 provides you with a complete range of exclusive, clinically proven technologies to increase your diagnostic confidence. By giving you valuable additional information in easy-to-understand visual, parametric and quantitative formats, these advanced technologies can help you avoid supplementary exams to get your diagnostic answer. Thus, you can save expenses and enhance your department’s productivity.

Aplio’s comprehensive contrast imaging package supports an ample variety of standard and specialty transducers allowing you to assess perfusion dynamics in a wide range of clinical settings.

Canon Medical Systems’ shear wave technology provides a dynamic visual display of tissue stiffness in a variety of clinical settings ranging from abdominal to small parts examinations. The highly accurate and reproducible tool provides fully integrated measurement and 8 reporting.

Smart Fusion merges realtime ultrasound with previously acquired CT, MR or ultrasound data, allowing you to identify and compare lesions with ease and to navigate complex anatomy securely. For comprehensive evaluation, Smart Fusion allows you to work in multiple imaging modes, including color Doppler and CEUS.

Specialty transducers

Aplio 300 provides you with an extensive selection of specialty transducers for the widest range of clinical applications, including many advanced techniques such as elastography or CEUS. All specialty probes feature the same outstanding image quality and versatility as the standard transducers.

  • Aplio offers a comprehensive stress echo package for fast and accurate wall motion assessment. The package supports both standard and user-definable protocols for physical and pharmacological stress.
  • Aplio’s advanced Wall Motion Tracking technology provides immediate visual and quantitative access to global and regional myocardial wall motion dynamics.
  • Aplio provides you with an easy-to-use tool to determine the intima media thickness (IMT) of the anterior and posterior arterial walls at an optimal angle and in two complementary scan planes.

Performance meets intelligence

Our unique iStyle™+ productivity suite provides you with a full host of technologies that offer ergonomic relief by reducing keystrokes, improving workflow and raising the consistency of exams. Aplio 300’s compact design with adjustable console and fully articulating monitor arm enables you to create an ergonomic work environment in virtually any clinical setting. The system’s premium quality LCD screen with the four-axis arm can move and swivel into perfect position for better viewing and to protect you from neck, shoulder and eye strain.

Aplio 300’s compact design with height-adjustable console and fully articulating monitor arm enables you to create an ergonomic work environment in virtually any clinical setting. The system’s premium LCD screen with four-axis arm can move and swivel into perfect position for better viewing and to protect you from neck, shoulder and eye strain.

Aplio 300 ships either with the standard high-definition display or optionally with a premium wide-screen monitor.

Fully programmable console
You can customize Aplio’s console to suit your clinical needs and personal preferences simply by reassigning functions to the keys of your choice. This results in better reach, fewer keystrokes and a shorter learning curve.

Quick Start clinical settings
Changing presets during an exam can disrupt your workflow, because system settings need to be optimized from scratch. The fully programmable Quick Start menu allows you to adjust only the relevant parameter set at a single touch of a button.

QuickScan image optimization
QuickScan allows you to achieve greater consistency in your exams by ensuring that superb image quality is the benchmark at all times. With a simple push of a button you can automatically optimise image quality in 2D and spectral Doppler modes.

Managing your study data
Aplio’s fully integrated patient and image management system allows you to review and manage your studies conveniently onboard before sending them to PACS for reporting or archiving, including image and raw data as well as structured reports.

Reporting options
Aplio provides comprehensive onboard facilities allowing you to semi automatically generate reports including measurements, charts, clinical images, as well as text. Reports are customizable to meet your department’s standards and formats.

Our external workstation solution gives you full access to your clinical data and diagnostic tool set wherever and whenever needed. With embedded raw data functionality and a host of clinical tools you can review, analyze, report and archive your data quickly and easily.