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Alpinion E-Cube 8 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: New & Refurbished

Brand: Alpinion

Type: Cart Based


Manufacture Description:

Alpinion  E-Cube 8

Smartness for your daily practice

Satisfaction with Image Quality helps you make clinical decisions with confidence

The E-CUBE 8‘s high-performance transducers and system provide you with high-resolution images. Clear images assist you to perform examinations quicker and obtain more accurate diagnoses.

High-Resolution Transducers

Transducers powered by PowerView™: C1-6CT / P1-5CT
The PowerView™ technology is applied to the E-CUBE 8‘s Convex and Phased array transducers. The PowerView™ technology disperses heat generated by the transducers, improving the E-CUBE 8‘s durability and ensuring the stability of each diagnosis. The increased efficiency of ultrasonic waves enhances the signal sensitivity and improves the expression of clinical images. Integrated with Alpinion‘s innovative technologies, the E-CUBE 8 promises superior image resolution and penetration with a reasonable price.

High performance linear transducers: L3-12H / L3-12HWD
The high-density linear transducers can be attached to the E-CUBE 8. Several footprint width options and high-quality linear images help with breast/thyroid/musculoskeletal/ vascular examinations.

High-Performance System

Use of a flagship model-grade platform
Equipped with Alpinion’s top model-grade platform, the E-CUBE 8 has high end hardware and software. The resolution, contrast, and uniformity of 2D images have been improved, and with the addition of the Dual pulser, clear and accurate Doppler data can be displayed while maintaining sharp 2D images in the Doppler Combined Mode.

Optimal Imaging Suite™ Plus
By combining Alpinion‘s image optimization processing technologies: SCI, FCI, FTHI, PITHI, and SRI/FullSRI™, artifacts are eliminated effectively and boundaries between tissues are distinguished more clearly. Furthermore, a broader grayscale range enables the expression of richer tissue textures and accurate data.

Simply press the Xpeed™ button once to quickly optimize images in 2D Mode and Spectrum Doppler Mode. Detect, predict, and adjust the Dynamic range level in real-time. It displays images optimized and customized for different clinical cases.

Design That Considers the User Environment

SSD for quick exam preparation
The E-CUBE 8 uses high-end hardware, including an SSD. These enhance stability when using the system and the fast boot time makes speedy preparation for examination possible.

USB 3.0 for better patient care
The E-CUBE 8 uses a USB 3.0 port. Compared to current USB 2.0 ports, the data transfer speed for USB 3.0 ports is about ten times faster. The USB 3.0 port reduces the transfer time when exporting data for patients or research, allowing the user to focus more on patient care.

User-Oriented Design

21.5-inch full HD LED monitor
The 1,920×1,080 pixel high-resolution monitor delivers sharp, clear ultrasound images. With the use of IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology, image distortions do not occur and a wider field of view is provided. As the user can review images easily without being restricted by location or environment, the accuracy and convenience of each diagnosis is improved.

10.4-inch touchscreen
By applying an intuitive UI design to a capacitive touchscreen with high sensitivity, like the one used on tablet computers, the convenience and speed of using the touchscreen have been improved.

Power Preset
The user can load a system preset saved in advance with a single touch. Quick and easy application of presets will shorten the image setup time.

User-friendly control panel
The E-CUBE 8‘s control panel keys are arranged in the most efficient and intuitive manner for examination. Frequently used functions can be assigned to the three user keys, which are arranged for easy access on the control panel. By minimizing the number of unnecessary keypresses, the E-CUBE 8 reduces user fatigue and increases the operating speed. The brightness level of the backlight of the control panel is adjustable, enabling it to be used in a darker environment.

Easy-to-use keyboard
The E-CUBE 8 has a keyboard on top of the control panel, making it easy to access. When the user needs to type text during an examination, they can access the keyboard right away, reducing unnecessary tasks and shortening the examination time.

Battery that frees you from space restrictions
The combination of compact exterior design and attached battery makes the E-CUBE 8 much easier to transport. The user can move to a different location while in Exam Mode without connecting the power cable and resume the examination straight away. More time can be reserved for patient care by reducing the time spent on turning the system back on.

Gel warmer developed for patient convenience (optional)
The E-CUBE 8‘s gel warmer warms up the ultrasound gel before examination. The temperature can be adjusted in three steps according to examination circumstances. This will help provide patients with a positive examination experience.

Simplicity of Workflow Design improves quality of patient care in daily practice

The E-CUBE 8 aims to create a user and patient-oriented design and workflow. The user can better focus on patient care, as the E-CUBE 8 can be used easily and conveniently in different clinical environments.

Enhancement of Clinical Capabilities offers assistance in making informed decisions

The E-CUBE 8 is a multi-purpose system that can be used in all specialized areas that require ultrasound imaging such as internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, orthopedics, etc. It broadens the application range of ultrasound examination and ensures accurate diagnosis using premium-grade software diagnostic tools.

Auto IMT
When the user draws a line in the area where the carotid intima media thickness is to be measured, the thickness will be measured automatically and displayed on the screen. Measurements can be made more quickly and accurately down to the millimeter level, regardless of the user‘s proficiency.

CUBE Strain™
This is a non-invasive examination method that is used to assess the myocardial function more objectively. The user can track speckles in 2D heart images, digitize the movement of each myocardial segment, and check quantified data.

Stress Echo
The optimized examination workflow allows the user to perform a Stress Echocardiogram more quickly and conveniently, aiding early diagnosis of chronic coronary heart disease.

Live HQ™
With the improved volume rendering technology, the light source can now be moved freely and the optimized color map can be applied in a variety of different ways. Realistic volume images make fetal anatomy easier to understand, which leads to more accurate and quicker diagnosis, and helps create a bond between the mother and the unborn baby.

Auto NT
When the user draws a ROI box in a desired measurement area during a nuchal translucency scan, the maximum thickness will be automatically measured and displayed on the screen. Examination results can be checked quickly in busy examination environments.

Volume Master™
Volume Master™, Alpinion’s 3D/4D features, enables you to obtain reproducible planes and better anatomical views which are not obtainable with 2D scanning. Multi Planar Rendering (MPR), Cubic View, and Multi Slice View (MSV) provide the clinical benefits of CT or MRI.

Volume Advance™
On top of Volume Master™, Volume Advance™ provides the following more advanced features for handling volume data: Free Angle MSV, AnySlice™, and Volume Analysis. You can slice a desired section and display slices consecutively. Therefore, anatomical and pathological characteristics and volume information can be delivered more accurately and in detail.

Elastography intuitively shows the relative differences in tissue elasticity caused by external pressure by using colors. It provides additional pathological information and helps reduce the need for unnecessary biopsies. The Indication bar shows whether the amount of pressure on tissues is appropriate in real-time on a scale of 1 to 6, adding to the credibility of results.

Needle Vision™ Plus
Using Beam Steering technology, this feature is useful in showing the shape and orientation of the needle. During invasive ultrasound- guided procedures using the linear transducer, the needle can be viewed more clearly by adjusting the beam angle in three steps, ensuring more accurate and safer procedures.

In-house Developed & Manufactured Transducers

Alpinion develops and manufactures transducers in-house.
Reliable quality / Best compatibility / Cheaper maintenance / Faster repair

Transducer Guide


(PowerView™) Convex
OB, GYN, Abdomen, Urology, Pediatric, Musculoskeletal (MSK), Vascular, Emergency Medicine (EM)

Micro Convex
Pediatric, Abdomen, TCD (Transcranial), Cardiac, Vascular, OB, Emergency Medicine (EM)

Volume Convex

Volume Convex
OB, GYN, Abdomen, Urology, Pediatric, Emergency Medicine (EM)


High Density Linear
Small Parts, Musculoskeletal (MSK), Vascular, Abdomen, Pediatric, TCD (Transcranial), Emergency Medicine (EM)

High Density Linear, 64mm
wide footprint
Small Parts, Musculoskeletal (MSK), Vascular, OB, Abdomen, Pediatric, Emergency Medicine (EM)

Small Parts, Musculoskeletal (MSK), Vascular, Abdomen, Pediatric, TCD (Transcranial), Emergency Medicine (EM)

Phased Array

C-Architecture (PowerView™)
Phased Array
Cardiac, Abdomen, Pediatric, TCD (Transcranial), Vascular, OB, GYN, Emergency Medicine (EM)

Single Crystal Phased Array
Pediatric, Cardiac, Abdomen, TCD (Transcranial), OB, Emergency Medicine (EM)


Endocavity (Straight)
Urology, GYN, OB, Transrectal,Transvaginal, Vascular, Emergency Medicine (EM)

EV3-10T *
Endocavity (Curved) GYN, OB, Urology, Transrectal, Transvaginal, Vascular, Emergency Medicine (EM)

Endocavity (Straight)
GYN, OB, Urology, Transrectal, Transvaginal, Vascular, Emergency Medicine (EM)


Pencil Typed
Cardiac, Vascular

Pencil Typed