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Alpinion E-Cube 7 Ultrasound Machine

Product Highlights:

Condition: New & Refurbished

Brand: Alpinion

Type: Cart Based


Manufacture Description:

Alpinion  E-Cube 7

All-in-one Solution for Top Performers

Slim and Powerful 

The E-CUBE 7 delivers compact and powerful image performance for a fast and confident clinical decision, a smart-software package for multiple applications, and design ergonomics to maximize space efficiency and mobility.

Embedded with ALPINION’s core imaging technology and imaging platform, the E-CUBE 7 provides clinicians excellent 2D, color flow, CW/PW Doppler performance. The high-quality transducers of the E-CUBE 7, designed and developed by ALPINION, enhance the imaging performance of the E-CUBE 7. The E-CUBE 7 is the only system in its class that provides high featured transducers like singe crystal convex and phased array. The smart and intuitive application software and features of the E-CUBE 7 empower clinicians to make diagnostic decisions with confidence.

Powerful Image Performance

ALPINION’s proprietary acoustic technologies generate refined signals that perfectly match impedance with the system.

The E-CUBE 7’s advanced transducer portfolio is enhanced by acoustic technologies such as Crystal SignatureTM , ALPINION’s unique single crystal technology. ALPINION’s core imaging technologies process and refine signals under a flexible and reliable FleXcanTM Architecture imaging platform that guarantees uniform image quality.

Sophisticated post-processing imaging technology set, Optimal Imaging SuiteTM provides high-quality image performance.


ALPINION’s acoustic technology combined transducer set

Crystal Signature™
ALPINION’s unique single crystal technology

ALPINION’s integrated acoustic technology for high resolution images

ALPINION’s ergonomic design technology for excellent grip and lightweight


FleXcan™ Architecture
ALPINIOIN’s innovative flexible software driven imaging platform for system stability and easy upgrades with minimum hardware changes

DICOM 3.0 standard, MPPS and Modality work list

Excellent storage capability
Optimal storage formats (USB, CD/DVD and network storage connections)


Optimal Imaging Suite™
ALPINION’s core imaging technology set (SCI, FTHI, FCI, SRI and FullSRITM)

Volume Master™
ALPINIOIN’s lucrative 3D/4D engine for routine OB/GYN exams

One touch auto optimization for 2D, Color and Doppler

Needle Vision™ 
ALPINION’s sophisticated needle tip visualization

Auto trace PW, CW

Optimized Solutions for Multiple Applications

The smart software and features empower clinicians to make diagnostic decision with confidence. The E-CUBE 7’s excellent image quality and fast workflow enhance diagnostic efficiency and productivity through the applications. The E-CUBE 7 is the All-in-One Solution you need.


  • High resolution abdominal images from a single crystal convex transducer
  • Excellent Color/Doppler image performance
  • XpeedTM, One touch optimization for 2D, Color and Doppler
  • Auto trace PW, CW


  • High-performance Stress Echo and TDI for cardiac exams
  • Single crystal transducers with deep penetration and high sensitivity (SP1-5, SP3-8)
  • Pencil transducers for cardiac and vascular exams (CW2.0, CW5.0)
  • Excellent CW, PW Doppler performance
  • Full measurement echo package and CV tool


  • High-performance linear transducer set : L3-8, L3-12, L3-12HWD, L3-12H , L8-17
  • Needle VisionTM with high-density linear transducers for enhancing visibility of a needle tip
  • Excellent linear image performance for accurate FNA procedure
  • and needle injection


  • Volume MasterTM, ALPINION’s lucrative 3D/4D engine for routine OB/GYN exams
  • Application-dedicated software and single crystal transducer (SC1-6)
  • 60 mm wide linear transducer for breast exam (L3-12HWD)

Compact & Optimal Space Solutions

The E-CUBE 7’s lightweight and slim design provides the best fit for small spaces and excellent mobility. The design ergonomics maximize space efficiency and mobility for routine daily practices.

Slim Design with Efficient Workflow

The E-CUBE 7 is designed for user convenience and efficient space utilization that provides excellent mobility and portability.

The E-CUBE 7 enables rapid diagnosis through highly efficient automatic features that simplify the workflow process.

Dimension :
1,425(tall) / 1,355(short) X 509 X 670 mm (H x W x D)

Weight : 57 kg

High quality transducers

ALPINION's uniform and fundamentally excellent image performance is the result of an unique and proprietary acoustic technology. The E-CUBE 7’s high quality transducers provide clinicians with high definition images, excellent grip, easy contact and reliable performance.


Linear array
Application: Anthesthesiology, Nerve Block, Endocrine, MSK, Carotid

Wide linear array (60mm)
Application: Breast, Thyroid, MSK

High-density linear array
Application: Vascular, Breast, Thyroid, MSK, Peripheral Vascular

Linear array
Application: Vascular, Breast, Thyroid, MSK, Peripheral Vascular

Low-frequency linear array
Application: Deep Vascular, Abdomen


Single crystal convex array
Application: Abdomen, OB/GYN, Fetal Echo

Convex array
Application: Abdomen, OB/GYN, Fetal Echo

Micro-convex array
Application: Pediatric Abdomen, Veterinary Medicine

Volume Convex 

Volume convex array
Application: Abdomen, OB/GYN, Fetal Echo

Phased Array 

Single crystal phased array
Application: Adult Cardiac, Deep Abdomen, Transcranial

Single crystal phased array
Application: Pediatric Cardiac, Neonatal


Wide band endocavity 
Application: OB/GYN, Urology

Wide band endocavity (curved)
Application: OB/GYN, Urology


Linear array
Application: Intra-Oral, Head & Neck, MSK, Vascular

Pencil Type

CW 2.0
Application: Vascular, Cardiac

CW 5.0
Application: Vascular, Cardiac